Calls for freedom: Why Lukashenko robs disabled what is not given?

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Belarus will get preferential price for Russian missile complexes "Iskander" — said this representative of the Ministry of Defense of Belarus Mikhail Puzikov.
Specialists refer to it as a response to the deployment of a part of the American missile defense system. Up to this topic:
Larissa, Minsk: "If our country wants to be-independent, so why should we missiles that Russian side will be installed in our country? I understand that the Belarusian side agrees. This nekompitentnaya policy. We will at gunpoint.
I survived the Second World War. Would not like to go through it again in his old age. That survived, and the enemy does not want. "
Belarusian authorities continue to prepare for the construction of a nuclear power plant in the country. Comment listener:
Andrew, Pinsk, "Good day. President signed a decree on the construction of a nuclear power plant in Belarus and owed sign a decree on holding a referendum on the construction of nuclear power plants.
But the situation in Belarus, such that the financial and political situation to rush our president.
But I think that nuclear power station — it’s the wrong move, as there are still very many abilities to correct the situation in the economy.
Just need to be streamlined, for example, in housing. There sits a lot of people — but they do questionthe man did not realize. "
In January acquires practical force law abolishing exemptions for certain categories of people in the country. The expression on this topic:
Lady: "Kebich and Shushkevich gave disabled benefits. Lukashenko made promises-trinkets. Why now Lukashenko robs disabled what is not given? So this is called stability?
Now disabled the elections will not go. "
Further questions to the address our radio:
Vitaly: "Good morning, members of Radio Liberty, my name is Fred. I wish I could find out possible listen to you. I caught you not in the FM-band, and of long waves, but could not find it. It happens that I find, but hard to hear you. Thanks for you very much for your work. "
Madam, Pinsk: "Good evening. Elected That evening while listening to announcements of" Freedom ". Naladavala receiver on medium wave. Weak receiver but could listen. A uniformly whiteRussian language lost, they could hear the Chinese.
Set up to 31 meters — the same: weak signal ran into Chinese. More I can never ready. I have such a question: Can I have an old WEF, or anyone other than the new jammers? "
Responsible journalist Sergei Shupe:
"First of jammers. No evidence of rumors about the jammers we have. And it’s not such a thing available — use jammers against radio now, in the XXI century.
As for admission to medium wavelengths, the Pinsk far enough from our Vilna transmitter. Naturally, there is an uncertain reception. Therefore it is better to find on small waves.
But taking on small waves very often does not depend on us, but on meteorological bulletins criterion. We have two frequencies in each block broadcasts, and so I just need to find.
And our winter alignment, which we ran over along with the transition to winter time, can be found on our website. "

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