Calls to freedom: Our homeland has not emerged from totalitarian swamp

Students continue to comment on the results of Liberty Russian parliamentary elections. The State Duma passed only four games. All Others not overcome the 7 percent barrier.
EU officials said that during campaign violated freedom of speech. United States called on the authorities of the Russian Federation to investigate allegations of fraud. Representatives of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly and Council of Europe, observed the elections, said that the elections were not fair.
Ivan Nelukashov: "Following the election and the election itself orgy. Imposes an analogy between the CPSU and the" United Russia. "Our homeland has not emerged from totalitarian swamps, and again in the quagmire of dictatorship Prisoners and Putin personality cult, right outside Belarus.
Paraphrasing Mayakovsky, I say: "Lukashenko and Putin — the twins. Who dictator to power more sick one of their more nasty. We say" Lukashenko "- we have ideas to Putin. We say" Putin "- we have ideas to Lukashenko" .
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez lost a constitutional referendum, which he endured the issue of unlimited state control. Now in 2013, when will the second term, he has to leave the presidency. Students respond to the Freedom of the referendum in Venezuela:
Man: "All through the radio and television broadcast that Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan Teran, or as it was called, was a fiasco altogether. People did not support him. There is only one such in the world — it Lukashenko.
So he quietly asked quietly: "No, people, I will not. I only consult if someone can, for example, I have to run in the presidential elections." Just asked — and trusting Belarusians, including me, responded that yes, why not, please. All! He enjoyed this. "
Man: "Alexander G. Congratulations to own another dictator Hugo Chavez with success in the referendum. And for you, I wish such of success in the future, as it Venezuelans dictator."
Man: "A few lines about the elections in Russia, the referendum in Venezuela and the upcoming visit of the head our country in Caracas.
Now this wall in life, Such, brother raskrutina We say it all: "Lukashenko" And apparently close Putin. And apparently we are near their friend. Hi Latin ptashechke! Their fellow worth Chavez Hugo, And he reddish blouse. "
Elections to the House of Representatives of the National Assembly shall be held not later than illumine 2008. Continuing the theme of elections — such call.
Anastas Semenovich: "I wish again contact our Democrats. Soon elections so called "Campers". We have no choice. Now they will look to Putin Russian mafia, in other words, to promote "Snow white Rus". And I will say, without changing the electoral law participate in the elections — a sin against the people of Belarus.
All parties should announce an ultimatum: we will participate in elections only if our people will include all district and county commission: 50% of Democrats, 50% of the administration. The main task of the democratic forces at the moment — not a division of constituencies between the candidates and the struggle for change in electoral law and the implementation of 12 EU proposals. "

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