Calls to Freedom: Putin United Our Homeland turned the election into a circus

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Several calls listeners upcoming elections in the Municipal Duma:
Man: "The difference between Belarusian Russian election is in Belarus Belarusian-grab, and in Russia’s political opponents. Political struggle in Belarus — is the definition of genocide. "
Lady: "Good evening," Freedom. "Putin" United Russia "have turned the election into a circus, thinking that this orgy we will follow next year in Belarus. Only there" United Our homeland "- and we will be" Snow White Rus . "
Comment political scientist Andrei Kazakevich:
"We will have a" Snow White Rus "as some political organization or will not — it will not change much." United Our homeland "- it’s all the same game, focused on the electoral role, and in Russia, at least, to create a competitive, there is the Communist Party, the two parties of power, there is some range of political, more or less diverse.
In Belarus, if such a structure will be created and, most likely, it will coincide with the executive vertical. In-2, it is not will be no nominations, because our model is more authoritarian. "
And another world listening relatively recently made public association "Snow White Rus":
Ivan Karpovich, M.: "Ninety years have celebrated our Bolsheviks, later became Communists, the Communist Party. Currently — the party in power," Snow White Rus ", etc.. Each republic own. Perafarbavalisya Communists. And all promise."
Now in Minsk held a meeting with the role of president, prime minister, which considers the implementation of the State program of development of small towns. Up to this point:
Constant listener: "You being discussed at the highest level the fate of small towns. Lukashenko says:" Yes, it is necessary to develop these small town. "In the end, it came to him, what you need develop them.
Ask the usual question is: how to live, when in town one small company, and there 10’s, hundreds of people stand in line to get to work? If nothing else how to live? "
Alexander Lukashenko sends now instructed to review the main characteristics of the development of small towns upwards. State program to anticipate building 57 new industrial enterprises, upgrading 80, 56 reconstruction of agricultural facilities, but this? according to Alexander Lukashenko, is not enough.
The question answers listener of Radio Liberty Tatiana Vertinskaya, Department Head, Institute of Economics:
"Apart from the fact that the adopted programm development of small towns until 2010, These days are is a discussion of what additional mechanisms do. Sent a great investment incentives for business enterprises supported, and new motivational mechanism to the population there came.
The question still is, how it will be done. But now to the small towns — the most attention, very tight control. "
Listeners "Liberty" trevozhut gas prices, and in connection with this case with Russia:
Vladimir, Polotsk: "It seems that our" elected nationwide "finally realizes that expect the tap to the east, in other words from Russia, not worth it. Very sorry that epiphany came so late."
Call the listener from Polotsk commented economist Sergei Balykin:
"Lukashenko has never been the same with Russia. He was always against — because he was not allowed in Russian politics.’s This" Russian card "he uses quite often. How are rising prices energoelementy, it becomes a pragmatist Westerners. But all this disappears when he can arrange with Russia. So that read, that it came insight, is not necessary. Happens almost every year with him. "

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