Case of an explosion: no suspects

Investigators so far have not detained any 1st suspect in an explosion during a gala concert on July 4 in Minsk. Despite the fact that the criminal case, which was qualified as hooliganism, interviewed hundreds of people and many of them took fingerprints and saliva on expertise, investigators continue every day new interrogations.
On remand prison cell to freedom came another of those interviewed in a criminal case brought after a bomb explosion on July 4. He was detained last week. In some media reported that in fact there was a suspect. In the city police department denied this information:
"Now suspects this case No, — said the manager of disk imaging Minsk Department of the Interior Alexander Lastouski. — But conducted investigative and operational activities to discover persons which had relation to exposure. Work lasts. "
We recall that in the end the incident affected more than fifty people. 46 of them were taken to the clinic, where they were given medical assistance.
KGB, the Interior Ministry and the Investigative Committee questioned hundreds of people. More weave interviewed in detention centers, but after 10 days, due to lack of evidence released. Investigators raided the apartments of the opposition and those who have access to a chemical reagent or to the production of nuts.
Policemen avoided homes and asked the guys, what kinds of troops have served and those were not in conflict zones.
Explosion entailed and reshuffle. Alexander Lukashenko dismissed the head of administration Viktor Sheiman and Secretary of the Security Council Gennady Nyavyhlas.
10s questioned in the blast case, which the authorities did not qualify as a terrorist act, as hooliganism, hitherto included in the travel ban lists.
Investigators continue to question every day new people. Those who have taken things after the search, so far have not returned property.
In Sergei Chislova seized during the search of computer icons and badges with the symbol "of the White Legion" banner and photos. Now, investigators said Sergei, his stuff is still a month will remain in the investigative committee.
Sergei Chislov believes authorities its use in the explosion on July 4:
"If your status is uncertain, then you are hanging as on a hook. Ill Will lead — move the case will be silent and quietly do something — well, well, sit down until …
Authorities use the moment. There are two total: local authorities have cleaned clan in power structures. Whichever Sheiman was, sorry, but it is representative of the local clans. Richly officers "pavylyatala" of the security forces. And second — is that almost from the population (as I understand it, that is already under another million is the number of those who drag), "adkochvayuts" fingers and make for themselves at the same time base. "
Observers believe that the investigators finish questioning unprecedentedly large-scale population only when detained a man who was involved in the incident on July 4.

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