Chernobyl: UN assistance varies

According to the United Nations Development Programm in the affected regions formed dependence on international aid.
Cihan Sultanoglu, almost three and a half years (from April 2004 to November 12, 2007) was the UN representative in Belarus, and is currently the Deputy Director of the Regional Office of the UN Development Applets for Europe and the CIS states that "very longish humanitarian help to mitigate the consequences of the 3 countries made certain there a culture of dependency, which led to feelings of apathy and fatalism of the affected regions. "
About 5 million people live in areas of dirty radiation, and there before This time high unemployment. Investors shun these regions, and young people want to leave.
To "despair and hopelessness" changed hope wellbeing and health, and provided their own propped up by the UN, aid be aimed at supporting samarazvitstsya regions.
UN General Assembly resolution says 2016 "decade of recovery and sustainable development in areas of Belarus, Ukraine and Russia affected by the Chernobyl disaster."
At the moment, the UN will assist governments these states create new jobs in the Chernobyl region, to encourage investment, support small and medium business and forms the sense of autonomy and independence, the ability to provide for themselves by.
The UN has already started a project providing microloans small business in Russia, assist over 170 Ukrainian villages make new jobs and formed part of a consortium in Belarus for sustainable development.

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