Children with disabilities are a lot of passes is not enough …

Deputy director of the institution told Natalia Stsyapura: here not only help the children themselves, and their parents.
Stsyapura: "We have special kids and ancestors with these kids, too, there are often special. Their have their own problems, which we share with them. To the parents was able to communicate with some one, we have a club" in the gentle hands "for mothers of children up to 3 years. Zadachka this club — the main development of communicative behaviors from their parents, the creation of a suitable climate sensual in families with kids with neuvvyazkami."
Natalia told Stsyapura — to different groups of kids with disabilities exist different approach.
Stsyapura: "We are starting the latest work with children in wheelchairs, a group of kids studying at home. We try to make it here to the conditions so that they could engage in some kind of sport, applicable for them. We plan to get a bus to the center, so deliver children in wheelchairs specifically on employment. "
They rely spetsavtobus get to the end of the year. And yet — four wheelchairs lift for them.
Before we met a young center mom with a child:
Young lady: "They immediately like real kids, they can talk together can do, for some reason, to learn. And, of course, is a big help for parents. As if the baby is here, ancestors may also work. One word: it is a great assistance. "
Reporter: "Tell me, if you have such a child is sick, you can go on vacation? Either you it is unreal? "
Young lady: "I can not go on holiday with the usual reason. This kid once a year should be issued a ticket, I call it a kind of holiday for me with the baby. Babes such a lot, maybe not the fault of the organization where these are issued traveling. Anyway, this year we did not resort gone, we were not even offered. "
Reporter: "And for once you manage?"
Young lady: "It was possible, and more than once.’s Very happy I sanatorium in Druskininkai."
Reporter: "This" Belarus "?
Young lady: "Yes," Belarus ", a very good resort. Indeed so I liked the attitude of the workers. Though we European country, but here in Lithuania so I liked the attitude of the children, the parents of these kids. I am very happy stay."
Reporter: "There’s something adapted for children with disabilities?"
Young lady: "The trip — a month, there are all engaged in 30 days with your baby at full strength. Naturally, naturally, improve their health father. Procedures parents are very necessary, because if the child is not strolling, it has to be on hand. Themselves realize what is later poured. So, honey? (To a child). "
The young mother said that earlier instead of vouchers given monetary compensation. Special to rehabilitate the Leninsky district told our correspondent that in this wasand allocated almost 31 voucher for 300 disabled children. In the department of social security district noted that those who did not receive vouchers, paid compensation — 102 or 120 thousand rubles — a certain percentage of the price vouchers. But it is expected that over the next year will no longer be compensated.
Public comment editor week Daria Fox:
"From the parents, from the case of disability in the family depends very many. Various behaviors — a different way of life. Aims to study, work, self-realization, communication with people and the world in spite of the disease or the" self-destruct "4 walls neshanavanne human personality, its humiliation.
In general, parents of disabled children themselves really need support — and mental, and financial.
Need help public organizations, which strongly enough in Belarus.
Usually necessary, but not small municipal pension. In almost all cases, the mother is required to throw the baby ailing job and is constantly with him at home. How to live on wages husband and father (if he has enough courage to his family not to throw?), Plus small pension?
Very Fine, Now that young kid have ancestors ailing Web can find there a lot of useful info and meet people with similar neuvvyazkami, to find like-minded people.
My parents at the time did not have such a chance, and I had to have a rare disease, the means to combat it taught entirely without the help of others. "

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