China should take measures against AMERICAN COASTAL SHIPS — Chinese experts

China should take measures against AMERICAN COASTAL SHIPS - Chinese experts
August 5 Chinese military expert Liu Jiang Ping newspaper «Ta Kung Pao» (Hong Kong) published an article entitled «Littoral Combat Ships can invade the river» where pointed out the danger of possible American raids deep LCS class ships in the internal waterways of the country reports Now
According to the views of professional China should create a «high-speed small gunboats» with the best weapons and armor protection and make an «information network» to detect subtle enemy ships.
Going into the river, ships LCS (U.S. Navy plans to adopt a 52-class ship itself — approx. «VP») may approach the true fundamental political and economic centers of China, harm trade, energy and industrial infrastructure, military bases and urban neighborhoods. This danger should not be underestimated, says the expert.
Detection complexity of American littoral ships is not only in their invisibility, and that the rivers runs a huge number of ships and boats. High speed and stealth of these ships represent a great danger for China. Classic onshore anti-ship missiles can hit incorrectly own ships and boats.
Used airplanes and helicopters to fight such ships in inland waters is also unsafe because they can be destroyed defense littoral ships. Classic mines also ineffective against them, you need to create a «smart mines».
To effectively counter the LCS need high-speed armed river boats that may be pursued, block littoral ships and keep them constantly under threat of liquidation, not giving them a «breathing space», shares expert ideas.

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