CHINESE CHANNEL make the story about the SS-26 «ABROAD» — VIDEO

CHINESE CHANNEL make the story about the SS-26
October 16 Chinese municipal channel CCTV4 invited 2-military professionals with a request to comment on reports of the latest development in Russia strategic ballistic missile land-based RS-26 «Frontier».

Question (master Liu Jian)
— How do you rate the information on the occurrence in Russia newest ICBM, called as «killer missile»? Indeed if the missile is able to overcome the U.S. missile defense system?

— October 9 Russian «Nezavisimaya Gazeta», citing the Ministry of Defence said that several planned launches of ICBMs that were insured against disaster, and for the first time in their midst was the SS-26 «Frontier». This is the first official mention of the rocket. To RIA Novosti said that the properties of the IDB are hidden, but the assumption is made that it is rocket fifth generation, which include the SLBM «Bulava», and has approximately the same dimensions. Another source says that the mass of the rocket about 60 m, a small shooting range is estimated at least 2000 km to 6000 km maximum or more. October 5 Russian industry sources said that «Frontier» resettled new hypersonic warheads that can maneuver the course and altitude. Interception of existing warheads, missile defense systems is not feasible.

Currently, very few held three successful flight tests of ICBMs. Insider of Russian defense industry said the combat deployment of new missiles is planned in 2014.


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