Christmas 2012: In New York, one of the most popular gifts for children 6-12 years old was an armored backpack for $ 300

We continue to monitor the Twitter-tape RussianBrooklyn. We publish reports for the last 4 weeks.

12/12/12, at 12 o'clock in the morning on 12th Street opposite the school singing (between 35 and 36 Ave, Queens) were killed 3 people. This is not a joke.

At Kennedy Airport arrested 22-year-old girl, which were found in the luggage of 8 boxes of chocolate "Toblerone" stuffed with cocaine (3.3 kg).

New York police arrested 40 girls 13-24 years, members of the org. criminal group "Bad Barbie". Drugs, murder, robbery. 10 girls from the gang "Bad Barbie" (Bronx) are wanted, five of them had to leave the U.S. the day before his arrest.

The carnage in the beginning. school "Sandy Hook" (Conn.). Shot dozens of people, including teachers and children dead. Namesake arrow from Connecticut, found via facebook, fell into a meat grinder media: "Fuck off, I'm not!"

In Brooklyn (Flatbush and Atlantic Ave) 40-year-old man entangled in brush sweeper. He died on the way to the hospital.

At Kings Hwy and Church Ave (Brooklyn) rolled paddy Rikers prison, two police officers were killed on the spot, another was taken to hospital.

In a strip club "Perfection" (Queens), arrested 40-year-old man, who, despite the entreaties of dancers continued to throw money in the face. The statement says that she got the edge of the $ 20 bill in the eye and asked him not to do it, and the man went on laughing throw.

NY mayor Bloomberg: "in the United States dies from gunshot wounds 34 people a day. We must begin with the ban assault rifles and machine guns. " Cases of suicides involving weapons are rare in NY, mostly discarded (bridge, roof, underground).

Manhattan: the eyes of the people waiting for the bus fat rat choked on a lollipop on a stick, lay down on her side and died. All the horror, all stood in silence and watched. In any McDonald's hanging instructions on how to help if stuck in the throat suddenly bikmak.

NY police searching for survivors after the injections in the ass "miracle gel" of this "nurse". Injections against cellulite. Biogel cooked at home. The police could not yet find people need witnesses. A woman 5 years pricked right and left at the clinic Queens.

Christmas 2012: In New York, one of the most popular gifts for children 6-12 years old was an armored backpack for $ 300. Bulletproof backpack for children can be used as a shield. Give a 100% guarantee "or we will refund your money"

Times Square was arrested 34 liters. a man in a suit plumber Mario, who are able to dope. drunk ass pinched 58 liters. the woman.

At the beginning of 2013 will be on the shelves NY genetically modified salmon. "Frankenfish" is growing "by leaps and bounds" and never gets sick.

In the Bronx arrested 35-year-old Julio Cesar, who was found in the car 12 pairs of shoes with soles of heroin. Seized 10 kg of heroin. Catch DEA is decent, the street value tenth grams of heroin in NY 10 to $ 30.

The mysterious suicide on Madison Avenue (Manhattan): 54-year-old Madame Bigot (gr. Switzerland), found dead in front of his art gallery. No suicide note, no witnesses suicide — jumped or dropped from the roof of a 5 storey building, where her gallery.

Bloomberg (NY mayor), "36% of prisoners are mentally ill. Set them free, we will solve the problem of security in prisons NY. " Media: Mayor crazy.

In the piece. New York (Webster) 3 man setting fire to the house, and then shot the 911 guests on call firefighters. Two of them died on the spot and three in hospital. Sam gunman killed himself, is identification.

This year in New York City killed 414 people (in 1990 — 2,245), but the number of suicides has increased dramatically (502 people killed, 3,470 have survived). The most pop. how to take their lives in New York City: hang the chandelier (28%), swallow tablets (16%), shot in the head (16%). Next is the New York metro area (7%), and then the rooftops. 2012 the first year, when the number of suicides exceeded the number of murders.

Experts from the marine rescue center. animals within a few hours of deep sleep, the procedure will whale again beached Queens. Earlier stuffed carcasses of whales dynamite, were taken into the ocean and blew up, now is likely to be cut into pieces, and be taken away to the crematorium.

In the church of St.. Anthony (Bronx) 8-year-old girl received a Christmas gift teddy bear, inside of which was found a revolver. And someone on Christmas Day was left without a revolver: (

Bronx: 9 days, the jury acquitted "to eat for free." Breakfasts and lunches are paid Mountains. treasury. A person has been released on bail pending a court decision or was in a cell and waited for the verdict? "Good question :)) A person sitting.

Walk through the streets of NY 10,870 homeless crazy, 3,300 of which are capable of killing a man smiling. The total number of homeless people has grown to 48,700 people

In Queens (Beach 15 St) 2 men in Balaclava shot of Kalashnikov rifles 17 liters. teenager who decided to leave the gang "Latin Kings"

The man called the set on the Verrazano bridge toll-free counseling, congratulated the New Year and rushed downstairs.

Gunfight at the metro station «Fort Hamilton Pkwy» (Brooklyn): 2 injured police officers and the occasional passenger. The criminal was killed by return fire.

The first victim in the subway in New Year's Eve was the 28-year-old tourist from Pennsylvania Dana Ferrari, who had fallen asleep on the tracks in the area of 34 Street. They say, have gone too far with LSD, her train moved.

In New York, an outbreak of influenza. The medical director St Luke's Hospital in Manhattan, "Tin! (Laughs). A count of patients have not yet seen "

Queens dismissed from school teacher transsexual, a teacher with 32 years. experience on the subject of "Human Sexuality", calling it a "worse than gay" Dismissed sued the Queens Catholic school for "long-term abuse and financial losses."

In c. Blessed Trinity (Bronx) invalid in a wheelchair with faulty brakes fell down the stairs, ran to the pastor and broke his hip. After recovering from successful hip surgery, wheelchair user directly from the hospital filed a $ 4.2 million lawsuit against the Church of the Holy Trinity in the Bronx. He says that he was given faulty stroller, and then pushed down the stairs.

In New York, has become extremely popular in the 2013 calendar featuring scantily clad women "in deep shit." Calendar produced by the "Fertile land United States," which calls relate to the waste of human life as to riches. There's real human shit. These girls are not models, and member of the movement "shit — our wealth."

In Brooklyn (Miller Ave) 91-year-old grandmother with a package of nuts for squirrels came under crossfire. Doctors removed the bullet 3, eats fruit compote.

26 years. guy gets a knife in Brooklyn 3. injured on Christmas Day from the "partner" Cream. Gambino crime family: "I had fallen down on the knife 3 times, all OK"

Manhattan's 45-year-old arson 5-storey house, and then resisted police and firefighters. One person was killed and three wounded.

Department of Drug Enforcement (DEA) arrested 16 armed men in police uniforms in New York, who robbed and murdered drug dealers. In 16 bandits seized a police car with flashing lights, body armor, pump action shotguns, as well as a hydraulic ram the door, bought on eBay.

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