Cine Maxim Zhbankova

At times we hear that the movie was going to die. Because soon it will change computer games. But even if cinematography is not coming — in which I doubt — it certainly belongs to the luxurious past.
Midst nainteresneyshih cinematographic events of recent weeks — British historical drama "The Golden Age". Directed by Shekar Kapur nine years vorachivaetsya to own favorite subject — history famous Queen Elizabeth the First. In time Tape Kapoor "Elizabeth" has brought worldwide fame to the director. And accordingly — performer starring Cate Blanchett. On This time they met again: Kapoor, Blanchett and proud character.
Cheers eyes distinctive quality pictures and masterly work of the director. But the "Golden Age" — is first movie actor. Elizabeth in the implementation of the red-haired Cate Blanchett is impressive and fascinating. Female lightning female silence female gentle rain, a woman burst … Location is everything taken in skinny actress? No answer. Because there is no explanation for a miracle. Look in ecstasy movie about British history. And from himself ask, and if we have the usual films about our past? Belarusian Elizabeth missing. Yes, something not seen Kapoor.
Main negative recollection — South American thriller "Dead Calm." A fascinating example of a movie made with a nice taste and style, but with all this, not able to touch the viewer’s heart. Maybe director James Wan just got kidnapped by a formulaic plot, dedicated killer dolls.
South American Gothic — in other words the world of provincial zhahavak — germinates in this movie through the grounds of the cemetery and moss-covered family lurking. This scary puppet theater where everyone considers himself the owner. Curious? Perhaps, but only at the beginning of playback. After later creators suddenly and irreversibly lose all their acquisitions. And together with them — and trust the audience.
And now — my personal choice this week. In our stores got the collector’s edition of another Disney masterpiece. Mean "A book of the jungle." An animated retelling of the famous story about the boy-wolf usually decorated bodren’kiye songs. And sing them bears, monkeys and vultures.
Many stubbornly believes the best version of the tale Kipling old Russian cartoon. But as for me, the tape is no worse than Disney. Maybe there really shortage of drama and heroic pathos. But there are interesting characters, good graphics and frantic drive.

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