Citations a day or — November 5

"People feel that there is some problem, but this problem not yet directly affected by any pocket, no fridge. Direction, work in social issues — completely correct. For autumn it may already be severe factor in a street fight. "

Chairman of the United Civil Party Anatol Lyabedzka — march on the results of the Public
"Anarchists are involved in anti-authoritarian movement in 1996. C this year and dark red and black flags fluttered above the columns are always the demonstrators. Yesterday’s incident was absolutely inspired by the secret services. If Ivashkevich wants to accuse me that I — KGB, let it it will make. Currently there is a debate, it is worth to continue to cooperate with so called "Democratic opposition" if she put up with the fascist right parts for your own actions. "

One of the founders of the anarchist movement in Belarus Pavel Konovalchik — in response to accusations that hassle for Soc march was provoked by anarchists

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