Citations past: Maybe enough to be the domain of western Belarus Russia?

In "Orsha Bulletin" 1917 signed "Orshanets" can be read: "In yesterday’s issue of" Bulletin of Orsha "I saw the label" revolutionary allowed censorship. " Not to mention the fact that the introduction of censorship to destroy one of the biggest gains of the revolution — freedom of the press, I would wish the Military Revolutionary Committee explained to how to reconcile the censorship of freedom of agitation in the Constituent Assembly, and in general, whether permitted campaigning and what grounds? "
On this week 1947 on the pages of "Lima" Maxim Luzhanin offers: "Grateful for the help South American satellites Churchill fussing about how to put a monument to him in life. Uzvalachy They want to the white mountains of Dover flabby stuffed mandatory cigars. And his legs carved from stone will fall Bulldogs terrible. In our opinion this is not entirely bad. And, so as not to scatter namarna Dalarö, the monument should be simplified. Cigars let him stay, and on the mountain, you can put only bulldog. Both we and our descendants, the children of Albion, and their offspring unmistakably find out who is immortalized in this figure. "
"Freedom" in 1997 typing a letter Belarusian who waged war in Chechnya on the side of supporters of independence: "I wanted to ask you: can be enough western Belarus Russian fiefdom? Time to revive their country and make free use self-government where the main value is the man, this is a letter written not from me 1st, and from us — a real force that can manifest itself in Lately, When will the terror and repression. Allah sees, it is not just empty words. And while our land become a true Belarus, I subscribe — Magomed ".

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