Citations past: Suitable for all 15 minutes to make the decision to close Liberty

"Farmer’s Field" in 1927, ironically: "In connection with the 10th anniversary of the Bolshevik in Russia istnavannya power, the government in its own manifesto workers declare a 7-hour day of work … The Bolsheviks try to fulfill his declaration. And this is done many such examination : for the first desyatsigodde workers seized seven-hour day of work, and more … go conquer that step and direction, and means — for 70 years will win what is not must be norwhat to doAll will develop itself. "
"Fatherland" this week in 1957 retells M.Luzhanina speech at a meeting of writers and artists of the BSSR "Stsverdivshy, that the Belarusian language every method expelled from public and private life of the country and zamenvaetstsa Russian language, the poet expressed his … a sincere desire to "hunt to the Belarusian language was heard not only in creative organizations, and institutions, middle and high schools, and that she was on a tissue box, and on the tractor and the machine."
"Freedom" on this week 1997 in the extraordinary edition reported: "Yesterday the Supreme Economic Tribunal decided to end activities of the newspaper" Freedom "… In fact, the Court was not. M.Klimyankovay judges who examined the case in handy just 15 minutes to decide to close the" Liberty ". Referee announced that the decision to enter into a legitimate force upon its adoption. This means that on a day or the current" Freedom "is not allowed go out — license revoked. "

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