Citations past: the sidewalks fighters hang with bayonets, but relaxed Goradil

"Free Belarus" in 1917, said: "In Minsk, the same power to run across bolshevikov. Revolutionary Military Committee in Minsk vytrebavav 3 reservations avtamobili. Fighters hang out along the sidewalks with their bayonets, but Goradil quiet. Polish troops stationed in Minsk, said they keep neutrality, but will protect innocent people from nibezpeki … So makarom, in Minsk region currently no provincial ulastsi neem. "
"Star" in 1937 print resolution SNK BSSR: "Install from November 1, 1937 after the size kazhdomesyachnyh municipal scholarships for students of higher educational institutions of the USSR on the courses: And the course — 130 rubles., II Course — 150 rubles., III and IV- Course — 175 rubles., V Course — 200 rubles. kazhdomesyachnyh Size municipal scholarships to university students gg. Moscow and Leningrad to increase by 10 rubles in comparison with the overall size of scholarships. "
"Evening Minsk" in the 1987 report on the presentation in Minsk circus latest applets "roared October": "Show on the limited space manezhu main stages of life our country circus means proved to be difficult. But applets directors decided this complex puzzle. They were able to connect to solid, catchy and memorable show some unique rooms riders, gymnasts, acrobats … Do not violate the integrity of the play carpet clowns Dudin and Bannikav. "

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