Citations past: We heart aches from the fact that in London and New York reign endless fog

"Work" in 1927, writes: "After reviewing the latest performances of the Trotskyist opposition in Moscow and Leningrad in the day of the 10th anniversary of the October Revolution, the general meeting of the cell of the CP (b) B Minsk city canceled your score and hladbudu believes that this statement is patently anti-Soviet directed to undermine the dictatorship of the proletariat, and indicates that favorite Trotskyist opposition quite broke with the party. Collection absolutely cell joins the decree of the Central Committee and OK KP (b) B expelled from the Party favorites opposition … "
On the pages of "Lima" in 1947 Evstsigney Mirovich expressed: "We listened to the report tav.Molatava, and it seemed to us that this song sounds the thirtieth anniversary of our glorious. We have always been and are tireless fighters for peace. Let our municipal boundary passes near Brest, but for our human emotions no border. We hurts the soul from what monarchists in Greece crack down on freedom fighters that Indonesia burning villages and killed peaceful inhabitants of that in London and New York reign endless mists. "
On the pages of the newspaper "Name" on this week 1997 Victor Shalkevich explains why he signed the "Charter 97": "At school I was taught intensively express their plainclothes position, so I try to behave because taught in school. I asked whether you agree with the ideas contained in the "Charter"? I replied "yes" and signed her text. This is not a feat, it’s not an act — this is just the ordinary desire to say what you think … After reading the sign, I realized people joined the "Charter" not out of benefits, but only as set out in her mind completely coincided with their ideas. "

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