Citations past: We invite all … join our Charter

"Babel" in 1917 in the editorial notes, "… if skranetstsa with places lying This time without movement devyatsimilennaya Belarusian community, there is no such force that would zdalela-zaderzhats povdarozi it on! Belarusians! It depends on you on this point, your future, your happiness, your fraction. And now who will wander the corners, believing themselves for "prostaglandin" for nikchemnago for nothing vartago, then their hands will dig a hole for themselves and their own people. After all, we polo force that will win themselves an appropriate place — but as all become "… like a scene together, and wake us from our dremoty Party!"
"Lim", year 1957. High School Teacher Negorelskogo A.Galuza writes " my views, Our Belarusian books come out very small batches so as not to them there is no demand, but only because the book trade organizations and individual workers are not interested in their dissemination. And if trade organizations will be relevant to another spread books, the creators of the Belarusian editions can be produce significantly huge circulation. "
"Free announcements" on This week in 1997 printed statement signed by more than 120 politicians, culture, literature and art, entitled "Charter 97": "We, the citizens of Belarus declare now own responsibility for the fate of the country, for the future of our children. Belarus We will create a free, sovereign and prosperous European state, where protected human rights, where there are no political prisoners, where all have decent living conditions. We invite all people of Belarus to join our "Charter".

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