Citations past: Yu.Drakohrust: Authorities responded to the emergence of the Charter, as usual, stupid

"Star" in the 1937 song prints A.Turankova A.Astreyki the words:
Oh because of the mountains and because of the large mountains bright sun comes up. (Eh!) Happiness comes from the Kremlin stars to us at home in the kolkhoz.
Those star-Stars clear flame burning over the towers. (Eh!) Come vote for Council We twelfth of December.
Whether we choose our power very highest (eh!) Will we all vote for their own sons, for the Falcons.
"Lim" in 1947, in an editorial, "Five-Year Plan — four years!" Summons: "Comrades, writers! Stakhanovite worker when undertakes, then by all means do it. Let us also in this case follow their example. Pledged to keep closely linked with cars and tractor factories — will keep her, pledged to make a book about the construction of the tractor plant — let’s do it. Living union with the best people of our production sotsyyalistychnay immeasurably enrich us with new kinds of beautiful people building komunistychnae society. "
"Belarusian Business Newspaper" on this week 1997 provides word Yuri Drakakhrust who writes about Hartiyu’97: "The authorities have responded to the emergence of the Charter, as usual, stupid. initially suppressed, later tried to organize a" Antyhartyyu ": in" Narodnaya Gazeta "and" Banner of Youth "quarrelsome printed statement which was signed pochetaemye relics of the communist era. Statement worked on Charter. "If we are against this, then I do not have for tension and uncomfortable" — so many thoughts. During this special thanks to Vladimir Zametalin. Rights President — narrow the human brain. "

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