City iniquities: Detroit police can not guarantee the safety of tourists

Detroit Police officers can not ensure the safety of residents and visitors to the city, according to CBS. Their work is poorly paid, and the 12-hour shifts lead to the complete depletion of the officers.

On Saturday, officers staged a demonstration to draw attention to the problems. "Driving into town, you are risking your life" — a slogan written on one of the posters that police put up next to Comerica Park in downtown.

"Detroit — the most dangerous city in the United States, with the highest number of murders. And in spite of the Detroit Police Department is understaffed ", — Says the Detroit Police Officers Association attorney Donato Iorio.

Lack of staff associated with financial problems. Guardians of the order in Detroit do not pay extra, say the police union.

"Officers can not protect you if they simply are not in place. They leave the job because they can not afford to live in Detroit and work 12 hours a day for the money that they get paid more than … The officers are demoralized, they wash their hands, because they can no longer afford to live here, " — Said the lawyer.

According to Iorio, the government needs to increase funding for the police in the most dangerous city in the U.S..

"Now, the crime rate is much higher than it was ten years ago. Happen that you need to connect more officers, but they are not ", — Iorio said.

Detroit, Michigan, gained fame in the mid-20th century, when it became the capital of the automotive industry. The heyday of the city came in the second half of the century.

However, in the nineties the company's core production brought from the city. Like many towns in the American Midwest, Detroit could not adjust to the new time and quickly fell into neglect. Unemployment rates in the city are among the highest in the state.

By the number of crimes per capita Detroit competes with another old industrial center — the city of St. Louis, Missouri, which in 2011 was voted the "most criminal" city in the United States.

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