Closing our publication, the authority so wishes to teach other democratic media

"Proceedings Mozyrskogo advice …" introduced in 1917 with the fruits of the Constituent Assembly elections in Mozyr "Garbreyskay United Socialist Workers Party — 194 people, the Jewish State Electoral Committee — 996 Alliance farmers Minsk province — 32, Russian Social Democratic Labour Party Mensheviks-Bund — 890 Party People of Freedom — 155 Polish Electoral Committee — 112 Russian Social Democratic Labour Party, the Bolsheviks — 173 Jewish Social Democratic Workers’ Party "Poalei Zion" — 3, Russian Democratic Party — 82, Block Socialist Revolutionary Party with the Council of Peasants Deputies — 92, the Belarusian Socialist Society — 1. Coupled voted in 2730. "
In preparation for the elections in The Supreme Council USSR "Lim" in 1937 writes: "If we have seats on the board of candidates removed their names in favor of the 1st candidate — this is the result of their social relationship and their shared political goals. 10s and hundreds of thousands of voters after serious discussion agreed one candidate. This is sotsyyalizma evaluation, assessment of the working masses that there can be internal contradictions … which are inside of bourgeois society. "
"Free News", year 1997. On the closure of the newspaper "Svoboda" its editor I.Germyanchuk speaks: "The judges of the Supreme Economic Court May Klimenkova handy just 15 minutes to decide the fate of the newspaper and its readers, not satisfied with all this, nor the 1st edition of the legitimate application … It has become a "common place" that occurred in the Republic of municipal revolution that today’s actions resemble a 37-year, we and others. question must be considered with the other viewpoint: Closing our publication, the authority so wishes to teach other democratic media, putting them in thrall to the regime. "

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