Combining academic institutions — the result of the struggle for satchels?

Our homeland: science to "reorganization" of the case has not
In the Russian Federation, operating in parallel 10’s linguistic and literary institutions.
The structure alone is Russian Academy Institute Russian language behalf Vinogradov Institute of Slavic, Institute of Philology, Institute of Linguistic research and others.
And even though scientists admit that the literary industry and LINGUISTIC close, but reorganization in Belarusian explain "division knapsack."
This convinced the assistant rector of Institute of Literature M.Gorkovatogo Galina Yakovlev:
"If you are going to merge the two organizations, then this will not have any work, literature or linguistics as a scientific branch, and is a simple separation of the knapsack.
The struggle for power is, exactly. There were two structures, but now everything is brought under one. But then surely you must distribute all.
Although, if you break away from all these painful issues, literature and linguistics really — science, which run parallel to the Tipo. And in some places must overlap and contradict one another should not. But if there are knapsack, then there is all sorts of aspects strongly. "
In Ukraine, the number of academic institutions grows
Under the roof of the National Academy of Ukraine work Taras Shevchenko Institute of Literature, Institute of Linguistics named Patsyabni Institute of the Ukrainian language, the Centre for Research and Teaching of foreign languages and many others.
Number of relevant linguistic and literary institutions were not considered grounds for reorganization.
Sergei Galchanka, deputy director in research and publishing activities 1st most nobles in the country of the Literature Institute named after Taras Shevchenko Ukrainian Academy, says that the situation in Ukraine, Belarus reverse — then new universities just open:
"In Ukraine, in the structure of the Academy, several years was Institute of Language and Literature. And at the moment we have two universities — Institute of Linguistics and the Institute of the Ukrainian language. And there is a separate Institute of Literature. Incidentally, the Institute of Ukrainian language created 10 years ago, not so long ago. "
Reporter: "In your opinion, they are all the same variety in their own specificity — Institute of Literature, Institute of Linguistics? .. "
"It’s all the various sciences — that of linguistics that literature. Indeed, in literary criticism still have tekstalegiya, vershaznavstva.
Incidentally, we Paton (Chapter Academy of Ukraine Yevhen Paton. — MS) is also not a humanitarian, he is now 89 years old, but such as you have, it is not thought of that. In contrast, when it created fifteen years backwards Archeology Institute, Institute of Archival and others.
After all, do not need 200, 300, 500 connect voedinyzhdy professionals under one roof. Twenty to thirty ordinary, but rowing professionals can realize at least some project as naykrashche. "
Director of East Institute in Polish greenish Goeree Basile Tikhonyuk Belarusian experience association considers baseless.
In his view, the main argument in this situation was the financial component:
"In Poland there were no precedents. It’s just some dope. And much better if returned before it was hitherto. Indeed, linguistics, literary studies — two disciplines separate and connect them artificially voedinyzhdy impossible. It seems to me, it is very and very bad. "
Reporter: "Some believe that there knapsack share, post …"
"Maybe it was just no money. After all, as there are no means, then first make various nonsense. Then attached to business economists, financiers. Because likely, main argument there were funds. Because at the moment it’s just not the most important thing. "
Individual universities literature and linguistics work in other adjacent states with Belarus.

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