Common culture and transferred to the road

Director liquidated authorities Humanities Lyceum Vladimir Kolos — One of those who least of all claims at road accidents has to pedestrians:
"Cprava all marriage in the general culture, mutual courtesy of worshiping personality and personal life. The whole point of our civilization, in the level of our culture. A sample must demonstrate, of course, power. If the control allows for yourself yelling and insulting people on the honor of those who are around him, it’s rudeness is becoming the norm of communication. "
Statkevich believes that the welfare of society and between avaryynastsyu Roads have smooth communication:
"Apparently, the Belarusians need to get rich and start taking more modern cars. Winter on their excellent tire wear, etc. But the main thing is: the government should strive on roads — interchanges, lighting, carpet … as more accidents associated specifically with this. wonder fewer people died on the roads in the rich countries. "
Favourite businessmen from public abyadnananya "Perspective" Anatoly Shumchanka expressed on this subject their worldview:
"If there are excellent road, the driver will not be mad at the pit. Means he will not worry, we mean, the drivers will be mutually courteous and cultural. This circuit indicates, that the richer we are, the more we will have about on the road. A it is very seriously affect the traffic situation. "
Pastor of the church "New Life" Vyacheslav Goncharenko spends a lot of time behind the wheel. He is concerned about illiteracy walkers who go on random "zebru" without making sure that the driver has time to slow down:
"We need to educate people. To do this, connect the Belarusian television. I, as a driver, I know all these things. When turn on the transition, then looks to the person enough time to slow down. And they practically crawl under the wheels, thinking that the car will stop, dead. lot of my friends I know what they beheld terrible things. "
All interviewees expressed that the traffic police should look for security. They they say that the work of police officers began to cause more respect from them than, for example, 5 years ago. They believe that a person with a striped rod was perceived more than a person who is really looking for traffic safety, not punisher who finds every opportunity to fine the driver.
Once a year in the world more than a million people die in car accidents, 19.11.2007

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