Congressman Hastings: There are changes in Belarus

Delegation of Democratic Forces of Belarus, which was composed Enira Branitskaya Sergei Kalyakin, Anatoly Lebedko, Anatoly Lewkowicz, Alexander Milinkevich, Paul Seviarynets and Dmitri Fedoruk, in These days are visiting the United States. Belarusian politicians in the U.S. Congress participated in special hearings "Belarus: from dictatorship to democracy." Their suit Congress Helsinki Commission, which deals with human rights issues.
If Belarusian politicians were in Washington, it became clear that Alexander Lukashenko in an interview with Spanish newspaper «El Pais" promised "to explore" Alexander Kozulin request for clemency if he will appeal to him. This news caused more enthusiasm in Congress to the fate of the former candidate for president, chairman of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hulk). So says his party colleagues Anatoly Lewkowicz:
"Strongly much attention has been given specifically Alexander Kozulin. And the head of the Helsinki Commission and said: this is incorrect, and so will not be so Kozulin was sitting in the bullpen prior to 2011."
Interested in sovereign Lyaukovich his personal attitude to the words of the Belarusian head of the country:
"Lukashenko always defines the situation arising insoluble prepyadstviya. Naturally, Kozulin never take this step. I just know this man. Here comes the political factor — Kozulin thrown in jail just for the fact that he participated in the presidential elections. And Kozulin not accept any guilt.
Here there is a personal moment. I, for example, believe that the control of the country with so cost their opponents as opponent directly spoke to him and called to correct the situation in the country.
And, of course, this question, as does President unlawfully. He planted Kozulin. This — convict the President. And the only president who planted it may be released from the bullpen. "
Congressional hearings led Congress Helsinki Commission Chairman Alcee Hastings. The Belarusian side made Enira Branitskaya Anatoly Lebedko and Alexander Milinkevich. Liabedzka so ignorant of the sense of speech Congressman Hastings, who previously headed the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly and came to the last presidential election in Belarus:
"His clear message was focused on the fact that Belarus and its citizens deserve the best. He noted Belarus geographically located in the center of Europe, but to the chagrin of bolshennomu with viewpoint human rights and freedoms, it is on the side of development. And there is a problem.
He made a strong focus on the dilemma of political prisoners. Sent private hi Ira Kazulina that winter was in the United States and met with him. He mentioned Kozulin, Klimova and other political prisoners. And said that their release — one of the core values.
Finished his speech, Congressman Hastings optimistic. He remembered that he fought for human rights U.S.. Another 40 years ago, he stood near the building at the entrance to which was the inscription: "Log Jews, blacks and dog — not allowed." And now he represents the city, that street where the house, those people, who live there, in the U.S. Congress.
So everything changes. There will be changes in Belarus. "

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