Constitutional act in Minsk will not sign

In Minsk and Moscow znyapravdili information that lately Tipo will be signed the Constitutional Act of the Union of Belarus and Russia country. Citing sources close to the president of Belarus, such information is disseminated radio "Echo of Moscow".
According to the radio station "Echo of Moscow", during his visit to Minsk Vladimir Putin will sign the Constitution Act, declare the creation of a union of the country. Vladimir Putin will become president of the Union of Belarus and Russia country after, it leaves its own post. And Alexander Lukashenko will lead the union parliament. Managing the press service of the Belarusian president Paul Light, which is in Caracas, said:
"The fact that distributed" Echo of Moscow ", let it remain on the conscience of" Echo of Moscow. "And as the information appeared in the Russian media, let it Russian side and comments.

Since this information has appeared in the Russian media, let it Russian side and comments

We have no such disk imaging. For the first time we hear that will be signed by any Constitutional acts and shared opportunities between Lukashenko and Putin. On the Belarusian side vyznat of "Echo of Moscow".
We were surprised at this information and express the last doubts about this. And I address all comments to the Russian side. "
Press secretary of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry Andrei Popov said, commenting on the information that appeared on the "Echo of Moscow":
"I can only confirm that Putin’s visit to Belarus scheduled. Planned to discuss a wide range of issues of bilateral relations. But this practice I do not see anything unusual or very special. Such visits were practiced before. We will continue the development of our bilateral relations with the Russian Federation.
Issues on the agenda at the moment a day or more refined. "
The press service of the President of the Russian Federation information dubbed "Echo of Moscow" speculative fantasies:
"If you want to be based on hearsay — contact those people, which, without reference to give us some information. "
Press Secretary Pavel Borodin Makushok said that Minsk will host the meeting of the Supreme Council of the Union of the country:
"In a day or agenda it is no question about the Constitutional Act. There are issues related to the approval of the budget. Because the information that seems to be spreading in the form of any leaks from the administration addition or other President until the earth under does not have. "
According to the Belarusian political scientist Vitaly Silitski, This information resembles provocation.

This is a complete madness

"It is necessary to know Lukashenko to even think of it, that he would agree to a certain position of the Chairman of the Parliament — is a complete madness."

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