Construction of a bridge over the river Vah is ahead of schedule

Construction of a bridge over the river Vah is ahead of schedule. It is planned that next year it will be held every day more than 8,000 machines. This kilometer bridge — a strategically important facility for the Ugra and Tomsk region. Between regions is no regular road transport communication.


On the bridge over the river Vah work is 24 hours a day. Builders are still collected 170 meters of metal construction — is the sixth part of the bridge.

Girder bridge over the river Vah built by longitudinal sliding — this means that the bridge spans as they become available can be moved. Such work does not interfere with navigation. After entering the bridge into operation for boats and yachts will be open channel width of 150 meters. On the bridge will take place every day more than 8,000 machines.

Vladimir Finger, CEO of the oil company, Tomsk region, "We shared the story of a little time zones, but we always strive to combine. Now we will be closer, I hope, when the bridge was built across the river Vah. "

Construction of a bridge over the river Vah began in 2009. It was built at the expense of the three budgets: the federal, county and Tomsk region. First, the contract obligations fulfilled only Yugra, construction had to be frozen.

Negotiations on the renewal of construction between Ugra and Tomsk region were more than two years. During a recent meeting, in June 2012, the governors of the two regions signed a cooperation agreement. After that, Tomsk region resumed financing facility.

Sergei Zhvachkin, the governor of the Tomsk region: "We are building a bridge is not for the sake of the bridge, but in order to bind our two territories. That is, paving the bridge of the future. "

Natalia Komarova, Governor of Ugra: "The investment capacity of the project only in the first phase of more than $ 5 billion. Half of these resources — Russia's participation in the share with the Tomsk region. And this is the result that we are, after all, is not achieved within one year of this project. "

Now the construction of the bridge is even ahead of schedule. According to plans, the kilometer bridge over the river Vah will be part of the latitudinal corridor. The bridge will connect the four regions, Perm, Sverdlovsk, Tomsk region and Ugra. As long as get to Tomsk from Nizhnevartovsk can be on the plane, which is expensive, or by winter road and paid a pontoon crossing, which is inconvenient. We Tomich to the road your interest. For example, the residents of the border town of Strezhevogo for food, clothing or medical care go to Nizhnevartovsk, as to them, this city is closer than Tomsk.

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