Construction of a new feed mill started at the poultry farm, Michael’s Broiler

In the night to feed broiler chickens out 210 tons of food, this three railroad cars. Feed mill, now operating in a factory was built in 2006. Since then, the broiler meat production has more than doubled. Ensure the growing production of ready forages should a new feed mill.

 Oleg Mamaev, Deputy Director General of factory farming "Mikhailovsky Broiler", "Performance plant under construction will be 25 tons per hour. New capacity will be filled only proven by the Russian raw materials: we buy feed wheat in Siberia, and soybeans and corn use only seaside. Our company is involved in the work of the nine farms located throughout the territory of Primorsky Krai of Dalnerechensk to Ussuriysk. This gives us confidence in the quality of the received material. "

According to the Maritime agency examination and certification — environmental friendliness of products "Michael's Broiler" 30% higher than the established norms. Such results were achieved, primarily due to forage. The chickens are fed only feed their own production. Corn and soybeans are grown in the fields of Primorsky Krai in the traditional Russian technology, so the entire harvest environmentally friendly. A seed does not contain genetically modified ingredients.

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