Construction of a new nuclear power plant sarcophagus Chernoblskoy


Ha Chernobyl nuclear power plant is building a sarcophagus. The enormous arched structure after its completion in 2015 will be moved on rails through hydraulic tolkataley in the direction of the current "Shelter" and secured on it.

During the first installation of modular steel structures weighing 5,000 tons have been raised to a height of 22 meters.

Assembled sarcophagus weighing about 20,000 tons will be 257 meters long, 164 meters wide and 110 meters high. Funding for the project coordinated by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Now it refers more to the Ukraine, but the Russian sub-contractors are also involved in the construction. In addition, it is really very interesting.

Next, see the photos of construction and Pripyat.

1. Entry to the damaged reactor of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

2. Truck with elements of the sarcophagus of the future against the background fog enveloped the reactor.

3. Work is directed to the construction of a new sarcophagus.

4. Building site.

5. Lifting the giant structures.

6. A worker with a wheelbarrow.

7. Here is the already built part of the future of the sarcophagus.

8. Deserted and overgrown streets of Pripyat.

9. Abandoned amusement park.

10. Kindergarten.

11. Doll amid a pile of debris.

12. Teddy bear looks out of the window of kindergarten.

13. Graffiti in the form of a boy with air bubbles behind the destroyed shops.

14. "Girl", sitting on the front porch garden.

Somewhere radiation at all is normal, in other places von twice. Particular risk of such a background is not, and there certainly are working shorter shifts. The main thing to monitor the cleanliness of clothes and shoes, so as not to spread the dust — it is the main source of danger. Well, do not wander around the cemetery equipment and all kinds of buildings, where the dust is accumulated for many years. Here are graphs of radiation levels in different parts of the zone: 

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