Construction of an ice palace Lada-Arena on 14.12.2012

The total building area of 26 308.07 m. meters
Total floor area: 565.00 square meters 4. meters
Number of places: 6 000

        Construction of "Lada-Arena" is a heightened pace.

Today, representatives of the hockey club "Harmony" visited the construction of the "Lada-Arena" to see with their own eyes what has been done, and most importantly, at the construction stage to discuss what to do to create more comfortable conditions for the crew. Because "Lada-Arena" is being built under the project of the Ufa Palace, was invited as a consultant Sergey Mikhalev, who, as head coach, "Salavat Yulaev" had to participate in remaking the team locker room after putting "Ufa-Arena". So his advice proved invaluable. 

            Team Manager "Lada" Victor Leonidovich MinaevSergei Mikhailovich Mihaliov and the head of construction Vladimir A. Danilov at the beginning of project documentation, and then personally reviewed all the rooms reserved for the home team and visitors — locker rooms, showers, doctors' offices and other premises. By the way, project documentation, adopted in 2008, has undergone a significant change, and some things have already been taken into account. Builders have listened to with attention command.

Work on the construction site was in full swing: heat pipes stacked on the main arena were built farm complex design for the works under the dome — applying a flame retardant, at the training stage was preparation for the installation of ceiling trusses. And apparently "Lada-Arena" began to take shape blue and white handsome ship.

            "Work carried out simultaneously in all directions: ventilation, plumbing, drainage, fire protection, building construction works. So is projected that the commissioning of the equipment will be carried out simultaneously two fields, "- said the head of construction Vladimir A. Danilov.

            For more information about the timing and pace of construction the chief industrial engineering department of "Avtozavodstroy" Seregin Artyom:    

            — Funds allocated, and construction is at a heightened pace. To date, the site employs about 600 people. By the end of December, are planning to give warmth to the body — in part on the time, partly on permanent basis.

            On January 8, we start to finish — to finish somewhere, somewhere in the draft. The plans to complete by March, finishing with 80%. Next will start-up operations. Already bought expensive equipment with long-term supply: ldouborochnye processors, boards, lighting equipment, at the stage of writing a contract for video and sound. We plan to pay for all this December.

            We finish the facade work. Circuit is closed, the finishing touches are carried out, we plan to finish all of 20 January 2013

            Monday — December 17 proceed to the installation of trusses training rink. Completion of works on its cover — the end of February. Next comes the start of heat and finishing work. The scope of work at the training arena compared to the basic — small. I think by March — April come to an end.

            Contractor is engaged in full swing cold supply, the node will freeze one — for the main and training arenas. Spring in March, we go out on the device and software technology boards refrigerants both fields.

            An agreement on the stands — they will be telescopic, collapsible, six kinds of chairs. They can be folded and put away during concerts or exhibitions. All this is done automatically and takes less than 2 hours. The building of "Lada-Arena" — multifunctional. The basic direction — hockey, but there could be held and other events — the light and the sound will be built accordingly.

            A conference hall area of 60 square meters. m with full video communications, sound, meeting all modern requirements. Provides 35 places for connection of TV cameras.

            For the fans there are seating areas — cafes and restaurants in the halls — the chairs and tables.

            There are a sufficient number of changing rooms, as well as office space.

            — Will meet the requirements of Lada Arena CHL?

            — Rules of the CHL for us — a reference book. We try to do everything in our power to make it fit. Of course, there is a project, and it will not jump higher. But he was drafted in 2008, and now many of the requirements have changed. However, in solving all the major works we try to go out to the representatives of the CHL to get their confirmation. For example, we now have two competing organizations videoobespecheniyu. They will bring us recommendations League. If these recommendations are not — this is no longer the organization.

            — What are the deadlines for completion of construction?

             — Everything is done in order to provide our team a good scene and quickly start the rink itself. The term, putting to us — March, but since funding was slightly overcast, we leave for a little time. Planned period of 10-15 May 2013 Maybe there will be some imperfections on the premises, but most of us — that's the ice and the stands.


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