Construction of Moscow metro stations on the slopes Tepliy-2

The report's author — Alexander "Russos" Popov

The station will have two tilt. The first — parallel to the existing, passed by two-thirds. In the second slope just completed installation blokoukladchika. Both the slope will go into the ends of the new station.


2. Tubing for the slope.


4. I got to the blasting. After a couple of seconds from the slope as zhahnulo. Was impressed.

5. Time for airing, and in the face of exploration down special person. It examines the development of the state of the roof, slaughtering and mechanisms. If all is well (including culling ventilate), it gives the go-ahead on the descent of drifters.

6. Machinist blokoukladchika.


8. Recently underwent a very water-bearing horizon in the limestone. And now the water comes in the face of 200 cubes. Evacuated four pumps, and a few in the wings.

9. Slaughter of the explosion. Will further strengthen the upper part, to strip the rock hammer and give ground to the top.

10. The slope.


12. And this is the second slope. There just completed the installation of blokoukladchika.


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