Construction of new plants for the Russian defense industry

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At present, enterprises of the Russian defense industry is not standing still. In particular, the Air Defense Concern "Almaz-Antey"Rapidly built 3 factories of modern anti-aircraft missile systems and radar systems for the troops Aerospace Defense (ASD). They are located in Kirov, Nizhny Novgorod and St. Petersburg. Planned that the plant will be launched as early as 2014-2015 .

These plants will reach the required concern the technological level and production capacity for the production of advanced weapons and military equipment of the fourth and fifth generations to ensure fulfillment of the state defense order and the state armament program until 2020.

The rate of construction can be seen in photographs made in January with webcams installed in plants.


Of "Rocket Plant Concern PVO" Almaz — Antey "- newly constructed Kirov plant for the production of modern air and space defense. Works created for the production of missiles to the latest anti-aircraft missile systems, including the projected S-500.

Filling equipment plants under construction scheduled to begin in mid-2013. From August-September 2013 the plant should begin to perform certain manufacturing operations, which currently is not possible to implement in other enterprises. For full operation, with all the start-up and in accordance with established plans, scheduled to begin in 2015.

Analogues of this high-tech production being built at the moment in Russia.

A small selection "was-was"

September 2012 — January 2013

October 2012 — February 2013

December 2012 — February 2013

Nizhny Novgorod

Construction of a new production based on the Nizhny Novgorod Machine Factory (NMP) is in full swing. It is scheduled to be commissioned in 2015, which will develop the production of 10 types of advanced air defense systems, consisting of 100 thousand parts and assemblies.

Status at September 2012

This February 2013

Saint Petersburg

The enterprise "GOZ Obukhov plant"St. Petersburg is an active construction of new buildings as part of a North-West Regional Center of Concern PVO" Almaz-Antey. "Every month, employees of the plant are watching as right before our eyes all rise above the walls of new buildings — construction has not stopped for minute. example, on the New Year — December 29 — held an important event for the company — was solemnly laid the capsule in the foundation of a woodworking shop Obukhov factory. At the ceremony, attended by heads of state defense order, the Directorate for Construction SZRTS and actual perpetrators — the builders of the new building. Of course, the past event is symbolic because the capsule was sealed message to descendants. And to all construction work was successful and a new building was a long and reliable, in a capsule on the good tradition and dropped some coins and banknotes. builders promised that in the This year, on the very spot where the capsule will see all new housing, working conditions, which will satisfy the most serious modern production requirements. (Source: Journal of Obukhov, № 1 2013)

Construction process (February 2013)

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