Construction of the century: how to build Tomsk Pushkin isolation

So true. On Saturday, October 20, in Tomsk, inaugurated the movement on the roundabout in the 4th clinic.

Everyone remembered Cheburashka with his "We built-built and finally built! Hurrah! ". Indeed, the "Cheers": a two-level interchange, for which the well established name of "Pushkin" after so many years of waiting, yet built.



The emergence of the first project of reconstruction of the intersection of Pushkin street — Komsomolsk prospectus referred back to the 80s of the twentieth century. Then isolation, developed by experts from Voronezh, was a single-level. The project is the construction of a two-level interchange in the twenty-first century had been developing design and research institute "Tomgiprotrans."


The need to eliminate traffic congestion in the area of 4th clinics began to speak in the early 2000s. The length of Pushkin Street in the area from the overpass to Yakovlev called the "most problematic" in the city — it is here in the morning, afternoon and evening, going to the biggest traffic jam in the city, effectively cut off from "civilization", most of the October district.

In 2002, construction of two-level interchange at the intersection of Pushkin the Komsomol was estimated at 700-800 million rubles, but it was already clear that this amount does not pull the city budget. In 2004, at the site of the future interchange launched the circular movement, with inside the "ring" on the island continued to work clinic number 4, pharmacy, Humanities Lyceum, sometimes huddled circus. In 2006, city officials said, the off-road in this area is 47 thousand a day, in 1-2 years the problem of traffic jams here without reconstruction of the overpass and interchange becomes insoluble.

In 2006, the design and construction documents for the construction of an interchange has been submitted for review to the Federal Road Agency of the Ministry of Transport of Russia and the Federal Agency for Management of Special Economic Zones. If the city was able to prove that the construction of an interchange will improve the accessibility of sites of technical innovation zones, there would be a great chance to get funding from the federal budget.

In May of 2008, at a meeting with the governor of Tomsk Mayor Nicholas Nikolaichuk said that the construction of an interchange — too a long way in solving the "Pushkin's problems." Construction will bring more good prospect Innovators, which will be held parallel to the path of Irkutsk and Frunze Avenue and will connect with the street Komsomol prospectus Working.

In the same year 2008 the construction of interchanges almost started. But then the project was laid down only the construction of "clover leaf", and the expansion of the adjacent streets is not foreseen. The project was sent back for revision. A Tomsk authorities took up the construction of the road Elizarovs — Baltic — Autumn, to give citizens a chance to drive around the proverbial plug on Pushkin. In autumn 2010, the line was opened, and the denouement was still only exist on paper. 

It was only in 2011, its construction was real.

"First-person"TV-2, 17.05.2011:

Corr.: "This year, what new road construction supposed to be? '.

The mayor of Tomsk N. Nikolaichuk: "Tomorrow at the plenary meeting of the State Duma of the Russian Federation will be considered the law 'On Amendments to the budget of the Russian Federation. " We promised the governor that will make every effort to get federal funding for the construction of an interchange on Pushkin. In the budget of the Russian Federation 2.8 billion rubles for the construction of an interchange on the 4th clinic. Today I called up a senator with our B. Liquid. He also supervises all these issues. The basic construction of this year — isolation on the 4th clinic. A lot of the work. We commitments have been made, we will do as soon as possible. There statutory construction period of 3 years. We take the commitment that in October 2012 denouement was put into operation. The most important thing is that tomorrow the decision of the State Duma of the Russian Federation took place. "

At the plenary session of the State Duma of the Russian Federation on 18 May, it was decided to finance the project. From the federal budget for the construction of an interchange allocated 2.89 billion rubles, with the remaining funds to complete 3 billion given area.


"You Cho discuss? There will be no decoupling, while City Hall and the U.S. are not home for the viaduct! It is much more important than 'master' money on building TKAD, Chinar she needed much more than this unfortunate isolation"(Tomsk forums, 2.02.2011)

"All this nonsense, do not start to build it with these Olympics, World Championships," Skolkovo "and the next summit on the island of Russian (who does not know there are building the largest cable-stayed bridge). And this is only part of the problem. <….> I myself spoke with designers and they confessed — the problem should be solved in a complex! "Gordian knot", we shift the problem of congestion on the street. Pushkin (which is already choking), on the only (!) Overpass leading to Irkutsk, for travel from Kashtak — which … I better not say anything! "(, 10.12.2010)

"The hat! Your great-great-grandchildren can and wait for isolation, they are current on spaceships will fly ektoprotonoplazmennyh))))"(Tomsk gallery 20.10.2010)

"The practice suggests that if the government wants to reduce 2-fold construction time, the result will be possible in 2 times more than originally planned ". (The Bytes, 23.05.2011) 


Competition for the construction of two-level interchange had back in 2010. Then it was filed only two bids, but one of the participants, NPO "Mostovik", the auction was not. And municipal contract in the amount of 2,818,260,760 rubles was concluded with the Tomsk branch of "Sibmost."



According to the tender documents for the construction of interchanges was given three years, but just before the construction
of the term cut in half, having decided that the work should be conducted simultaneously at several sites. 1.5 years contractor was required to build a two-level interchange in the form of "clover leaf "to reconstruct the overpass, street repair. Pushkin on the site from the street. Yakovlev to the overpass, Irkutsk path from the overpass to the street. Michurina expand st. Michurina Street. 1st Working, st. Working to build two underground and six above-ground crossings. Instead of asphalt would be used stone mastic mixture — more expensive but also more durable. In addition, before construction had to perform a large-scale transfer of all communications, settle 24 families and carry almost three dozen buildings. The date of construction has been named December 1, 2014.



The official date of the beginning of the construction of interchanges — May 25, 2011. It was on this auspicious day builders have begun to dismantle the tram tracks on the street. Pushkin. By July it completed and set to transfer communications. In June, Nicholas Nikolaichuk spent the first headquarters for the construction of interchanges.

Demolition of buildings

It just so happened that prevented the construction and therefore fall under demolition, not only houses, the inhabitants of which were eventually settled, but also socially significant buildings — October district military commissariat, 4th polyclinic and Humanities Lyceum. But if the fate of all the clinics was more or less clear, the position of the recruiting office and the Lyceum was much less enviable. 

Recruitment office

In August, the Ministry of Defence agreed to move the October district military office in the building on the street. Nikitin, 8. The details of this move was supposed to decide quickly, but resolution of the issue with the military commissariat much delayed and moved in the year 2012 (and the townspeople had already begun to bet: take down-draft board did or not).


The city government firmly stated that as a legal entity, Humanitarian Lyceum will continue to exist after the demolition of the building. Was offered the option to move to a school number 49 (which is already on Mokrushina), then — in a correctional school building on Lenin Avenue, 53. Recently renovated supposed to give to the full enjoyment of the Lyceum. Against the move were all there: and lyceum students, and students, but all the same high school in September moved to Lenin. As for the correctional school, for her students and teachers at the school was a place number 42 on the street. Elizarovs. 

4th polyclinic

Premises for the 4th clinic planned to provide the building on the street. 79th Guards. Division, 3/2, but the reconstruction of the latter has been much delayed. Construction period were forced to hurry, therefore even started talking about a possible distribution of the medical staff and patients at other institutions of the city. But in July, the city government firmly promised that the clinic will move to new premises before the end of the year. In November, repairs in the building at the 79th Guards. Division really completed, but the reception of patients are started only in March 2012.


In June, in connection with the relocation of utilities was closed stop "Telecenter" in both directions. On the last day of November, at the bus stop in the direction of the street. Yakovlev again began stopping buses.

Cutting off the water

In December, the two districts of the city awaited first major shutdown of water. At the time of transfer of communications conducted by specialists of "Tomskvodokanala" (and it is almost 47 hours), October and Leninsky districts of Tomsk had to stock up on water.


Until the end of the year on the streets of Pushkin, the 79th Guards. Division, Far Kluchevskoy, the Station is actively transferred communication, expand the roadway, curbs installed. As a result, the Far Kluchevskaya was expanded to four lanes. In October, the two new lanes on the street. Pushkin discovered the movement, but it was closed for the old band. At the time of the slip road works connecting Kashtak and st. Pushkin was renovated alley Trip.

On one of the staffs in June 2011 that the mayor held weekly, Saturday morning collecting all contractors on the Tomsk "construction of the century," Nicholas Nikolaichuk said: "In order to survive a tough schedule, we moved on to work around the clock. Unfortunately, this is fraught with inconvenience to nearby residents, but we try to minimize construction noise at night. "

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P 'ReSu040BRu0405Ru03BC Su0402R � F u00B1 Ru0455S, C <Ru0405R � Su0453R. " Ru045FSu0453S u20AC Ru0454ReRu0405R �, Ru0454R � Ru0454 Re Ru0405R � Ru0457Su0453S, Ru03BCRu0457Su0402Ru0455Ru0406Ru0455Ru0491Ru03BC, P u00B1 C <P "Re Ru0455Su0402Ru0456R Ru0405ReR � � � Ru0455Ru0406R Ru0405S <PI Ru0491Ru0406Ru03BC Su0403Ru0458Ru03BCRu0405S <. Ru0408R "res u2020 P � P u00B1 C <P" P � � Su0402R ft u20AC ReSu0402Ru03BCRu0405R � C Ru0491Ru0455 u20AC Ru03BCSu0403S, Ryo Ru0457Ru0455R "Ru0455Su0403, PI ReSu040BR" Ru03BC Ru0457Ru0455 Ru0405Ru03BCR number P u00B1 C <P "the PS Ru0455S, Ru0454Su0402S <C, the PS Ru0491Ru0406ReR u00B6 Ru03BCRu0405ReRu03BC Ru0457Ru0455Ru0491 Su040CSu0403S, P � � Ru0454R Ru0491Ru0455R u2116; PI P � Ru0406Ru0456Su0453Su0403S, Ru03BC Ru0455S, Ru0454Su0402S <P "Re Su0453R" res u2020 C <R'Ru0455Ru0454R � P � P "Su040ARu0405Su0453Su040B Re P-Ru03BCR" Ru03BCR � Ru0405Ru0455Ru0491Ru0455Su0402Ru0455R u00B6 Ru0405Su0453Su040B. Ru0408R "res u2020 C <R R R � u00B1 Ru0455S u2021 u2021 Su0453Su040B Re Ru045AReS Su0453Su0402ReRu0405R Su0402R � � ft ReSu0402ReR u20AC" Re Ru0491Ru0455 Ru03BCS u2021 C, C <Su0402Ru03BCS … Ru0457Ru0455R "Ru0455Su0403, P Su0402Ru0454Su0453S, Su0403Ru0454ReR number C � Su0402R Ru0454S, — From u20AC Ru0491Ru0455 Ru03BCSu0403S, Re.

Ru0459Ru0455Ru0458Su0403Ru0455Ru0458Ru0455R "Su040ASu0403Ru0454ReR number

P 'P � Ru0406Ru0456Su0453Su0403S, Ru03BC Ru0405R � C u2021 P � P "Su0403Su040F Su0402Ru03BCRu0458Ru0455Ru0405S, Ru0457Su0402Ru0455Su0403Ru0457Ru03BCRu0454S, P � Ru0459Ru0455Ru0458Su0403Ru0455Ru0458Ru0455R" Su040ASu0403Ru0454Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455, Ru0454Ru0455S, Ru0455Su0402S <P number Ru0406Su0403Ru03BC Ru0406Ru0455Ru0491ReS, Ru03BCR "Re Ru045ERu0455Ru0458Su0403Ru0454R � u00B6 Ru0491Su0402Su0453R Ru0405Ru0455 Ru0406Su0403S, Su0402Ru03BCS, PEP" D In "From the PI u20AC C, C <Ru0454ReV." Ru045FSu0402ReS u2021 ReRu0405Ru0455R number ft P � P "the PS Ru0457Su0402Ru03BCSu0403R" Ru0455Ru0406Su0453S, Ru0455Ru03BC Ru0457Ru0455Ru0454Su0402S <C, ReRu03BC, Ru0406S <Ru0457Ru0455R "Ru0405Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405Ru0455Ru03BC Ru0457Ru0455 C Ru03BCS … Ru0405Ru0455R" Ru0455Ru0456ReRe In the "C u2021 ReRu0457-Su0403ReR" B "Su0453R u00B6 Ru03BC C u20AC … Ru0455Su0402Ru0455S the PS � P Ru0405R Ru0454Ru0455Ru0458Ru0455Ru03BC Ru0456Ru0455Su0402Ru0455R u00B6 � P � � Ru0405R Cosmosblack. Ru045FRu0455Ru0454Su0402S <C, ReRu03BC Ru0405R ft � u2021 � F ft Ru0454Ru03BC Ru0455S, Ru0457Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BCRu0454Su0402Ru03BCSu0403S, Ru0454R � Su0403 Su0453R. " Ru045FSu0453S u20AC Ru0454ReRu0405R � Ru0491Ru0455 Su0453R. " Ru040EReR u00B1 ReSu0402Su0403Ru0454Ru0455R number Su0453R "Ru0455R u00B6 PEP" Pe Pe Ru0457Su0402R � Ru0454S, the Republic u2021 Ru03BCSu0403Ru0454Re Su0403Su0402R � F � Su0453 Ru0491Ru03BCRu0458Ru0455Ru0405S, ReSu0402Ru0455Ru0406R � P "D — Ru0457Ru0455Ru0491Su0402Su040FRu0491S u2021 ReRu0454, Ru045BRu045BRu045B In" Ru045ERu0455Ru0458Ru0491Ru0455Su0402Su0403S, Su0402Ru0455R number in the "Ru0405Ru03BC Ru0406S <Ru0491Ru03BCSu0402R u00B6 P � P "Ru0405Ru03BCRu0455R u00B1 C … Ru0455Ru0491ReRu0458S <P number C Ru03BCRu0458Ru0457Ru03BCSu0402R � C, Su0453Su0402Ru0405S <P number Su0402Ru03BCR u00B6 ReRu0458 Ru0491R" Su040F ft P � F u00B1 PEP u00BBPEP � P � C u2020 ReRe Ru0457Ru0455Ru0454Su0402S <C, ReSu040F. Ru045BRu0491Ru0405R � Ru0454Ru0455, Ru0405Ru03BCSu0403Ru0458Ru0455S, Su0402Su040F Ru0405R Ru0491Ru03BCRu0458Ru0455Ru0405S �, P � R u00B6, in the "C u2021 ReRu0457-Su0403ReR" B "Ru0406Su0403Ru03BC u00D0 u00B6 Ru03BC Ru0457Ru0455Ru0458Ru0455Ru0456 Ru0491Ru0455Su0402Ru0455Ru0456Ru03BC, P � P � Su040FRu0406ReR" Ru0405R � C u2021 P � P "� Su040ARu0405ReRu0454 Ru0491Ru03BCRu0457R Su0402S, Ru0458Ru03BCRu0405S � F, � Ru0454R Ru0457Su0403S, Su0402Ru0455ReS, Ru03BCR "Su040ASu0403S, Ru0406R � Ru0452R" Ru03BCRu0454Su0403Ru03BCR number Ru040ER � C "Su0402Ru0455Ru0405Ru0455Ru0406, Su0403Ru0405ReR � ReRu0406 Ru0406Ru0455Ru0491Ru0455Ru0405R � ft <C u2030 R � Ru03BCRu0458Ru0455Su0403S, Su040A ft P �" P � P " Su040AS, P �.

03BCSu0402Ru03BCS … Ru0455Ru0491S <

P 'C' Ru03BCRu0406Su0402R � P "Ru03BC Ru0405R � C u2021 P � P" Ru0455Su0403Su040A ft Su0402Ru0455ReS, Ru03BCR "Su040ASu0403S, Ru0406Ru0455 Ru0405R � Ru0491R � Ru03BCRu0458Ru0405Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 Ru0457Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BCS … Ru0455Ru0491R � � Ru0405R Su0453R." Ru045FSu0453S u20AC Ru0454ReRu0405R � Ru0406Ru0455R � P "Ru03BC Ru0459R � Ru0491Ru03BCS, Su0403Ru0454Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 Ru0454Ru0455Su0402Ru0457Su0453Su0403R �, Ru0457Su0402Ru0455Ru0491Ru0455R" u00D0 u00B6 PEP "ReSu0403Su040A Su0402R � F u00B1 Ru0455S, C <Ru0457Ru0455 Ru0406Ru0455R � � Ru0406Ru03BCRu0491Ru03BCRu0405ReSu040B Ru0457Ru0455Ru0491R Ru03BCRu0458Ru0405Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 Ru0457Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BCS … Ru0455Ru0491R � � Ru0405R Su0453R." 79-R number P "PI. P "ReRu0406ReR � ReRe. R'Ru03BCSu0403Ru0405Ru0455R number Ru0405R � C u2021 P � P "Ru0455Su0403Su040A ft Su0402Ru0455ReS, Ru03BCR" Su040ASu0403S, Ru0406Ru0455 Ru0491Ru0406Su0453S … Ru0457Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BCS … Ru0455Ru0491Ru0455Ru0406 Ru0405R � Ru0457Su0402.Ru0459Ru0455Ru0458Su0403Ru0455Ru0458Ru0455R "Su040ASu0403Ru0454Ru0455Ru0458, Ru0455Ru0491Ru0405Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 Ru0457Ru0455 Su0453R." Ru045FSu0453S u20AC Ru0454ReRu0405R � PI Su0402R � F number Ru0455Ru0405Ru03BC In "Ru045ARu03BCSu0402Su0403Ru03BCRu0491Ru03BCSu0403-C u2020 Ru03BCRu0405S, Su0402R � B"; Ru0457Ru0455Ru0491R � Ru03BCRu0458Ru0405Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 Ru0457Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BCS … Ru0455Ru0491R � � Ru0405R Su0453R. " R'Ru0455Ru0454R � P � P "Su040ARu0405Ru0455R u2116; Ru0405R PI � C u2021 P � P" Ru03BC Ru0455Su0403Ru03BCRu0405Re u00E2 u20AC "Ru0405R � Ru0491R � Ru03BCRu0458Ru0405Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 Ru0457Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BCS … Ru0455Ru0491R � PI Su0402R � F number Ru0455Ru0405Ru03BC Ru0491Ru0455Ru0458R � Ru0457Ru0455 Su0453R." Ru045FSu0453S u20AC Ru0454ReRu0405R �, 37

Ru045ESu0402Ru0455R "P" Ru03BCR number P u00B1 Su0453Su0403S <

P 'P � Ru0457Su0402Ru03BCR "Ru03BC PI Su0403Ru0406Su040FR � Re Su0403 Ru0405R � C u2021 P � P" Ru0455Ru0458 Su0402R � F u00B1 Ru0455S, Ru0457Ru0455 Su0402Ru03BCRu0454Ru0455Ru0405Su0403S, Su0402Su0453Ru0454S u2020 ReRe Ru0457Su0453S, Ru03BCRu0457Su0402Ru0455Ru0406Ru0455Ru0491R � C u00B1 P <P "the PS P � P � Ru0454Su0402S < C, the PS Ru0491Ru0406ReR u00B6 Ru03BCRu0405ReRu03BC C Su0402Ru0455R "P" Ru03BCR number P u00B1 Su0453Su0403Ru0455Ru0406 in "-in" 1, 3 D 7 — Ru0458R � C ReRu0405S u20AC <P u00B1 C <P "Re Ru0457Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BCSu0402R � Su0403Ru0457Su0402Ru03BCRu0491Ru03BCR" Ru03BCRu0405S <Ru0405R � Ru0491Su0402Su0453Ru0456ReRu03BC Ru0458R � Su0402S u20AC Su0402Su0453S, C <. P 'Su0402Ru03BCR � Su0453R "Su040AS, P � C, Ru03BC Ru0454Ru0455R" res u2021 Ru03BCSu0403S, Ru0406R � Su040CR u200Bu200B"Ru03BCRu0454S, Su0402Ru0455S, Su0402R Ru0405Ru0457Su0403Ru0457Ru0455Su0402S �, P � � Ru0405R Ru0457Su0402. P> Ru03BCRu0405ReRu0405R � Su0402Ru03BCR � � Ru0454Ru0455 Ru0406Ru0455R Su0402Ru0455Su0403R "the PS, Ru0406S <P � C <Ru0406R Su040F Ru0405Ru03BCRu0458R � � P" the PS Ru0405Ru03BCRu0491Ru0455Ru0406Ru0455R "Su040ASu0403S, Ru0406R � Su0403Ru0455 ft Ru0455Su0402Ru0455Ru0405S <C, Su0402R Ru0405Su0403Ru0457Ru0455Su0402S �, F � C � F u2021 ft Ru0405Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455. P 'Ru0405R � C u2021 P � P "Ru03BC Ru0455Ru0454S, Su040FR u00B1 Su0402Su040F Ru0406Ru03BCSu0402Ru0405Su0453R" Su0403Su040F Ru0405R � P "ReRu0405ReSu040B C Su0402Ru0455R" P "Ru03BCR number P u00B1 Su0453Su0403 in" -5 � Ru0458R Su0402S u20AC Su0402Su0453S, Ru0454Ru0455S, Ru0455Su0402Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 P u00B1 C <P> P � P � Ru0454Su0402S <C, PI ReSu040BRu0405Ru03BC 2011 Ru0456Ru0455 PI Su0403Ru0406Su040FR � Re Su0403 Ru0405R � C u2021 P � P "Ru0455Ru0458 ft Su0402Ru0455ReS, Ru03BCR" Su040ASu0403S, Ru0406R Su0402R � � P � � Ru0406Su040FR Ru0454Re. 12 Ru0455Ru0454S, Su040FR u00B1 Su0402Su040F Ru0457Ru0455 Su0402R � F � � Ru0406Su040FR Ru0454Ru03BC PI C Ru03BCSu0403S, Ru0455Ru0406Ru0455Ru0458 Su0402Ru03BCR u00B6 ReRu0458Ru03BC P u00B1 C <P> P � P u2030 Just Installed Ru0457Su0453S � C, Su0402Ru0455R "P" Ru03BCR number P u00B1 Su0453Su0403 in "- 1.

Ru045ERu045BR P "P

P-P � 1,5 � Ru0456Ru0455Ru0491R Su0403Ru0455Su0403S, Ru0455Su040FR "Ru0455Su0403Su040A 82 C u20AC C, F � F u00B1 R �, Ru0457Ru0455Su0403Ru0406Su040FS Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405S u2030 <C … Su0453Su0402Ru0405Ru0455Ru0458Su0453 Ru0455R P u00B1 u00B1 u00B6 Su0403Su0453R Ru0491Ru03BCRu0405ReSu040B C Ru03BCRu0458Ru0457Ru0455Ru0406 ft Su0402Ru0455ReS, Ru03BCR" Su040ASu0403S , Ru0406R Su0402R � � P � � Ru0406Su040FR Ru0454Re, Ru0406Ru0457Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BCRu0491Re Ru03BCS u2030 Ru03BC Ru0455Ru0491ReRu0405, 83-P u2116. Ru045CR � Ru0491 ft Su0402Ru0455ReS, Ru03BCR "Su040ASu0403S, Ru0406Ru0455Ru0458 C Su0402Su0453Ru0491ReR" ReSu0403Su040A Ru0457Ru0455S u2021 C, D Ru0491Ru0406R � Ru0491Ru03BCSu0403Su040FS, Ru0454R � u2021 Ru0457Ru0455Ru0491Su0402Su040FRu0491S ReRu0454Ru0455Ru0406, P u2021 u00B1 Ru03BCSu0403Su0403S Ru03BCS, Ru0405Ru0455Ru03BC Ru0454Ru0455R "res u2021 Ru03BCSu0403S, Ru0406Ru0455 Su0402R � F � Ru0457Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BCRu0454Su0402S <Ru0406R � P "ReSu0403Su040A Ru0457Su0402ReR" Ru03BCRu0456R � u2030 Su040BS ReRu03BC Ru0454 Su0402R � F � � Ru0406Su040FR Ru0454Ru03BC Su0453R "res u2020 C <PI Su0402R � F number Ru0455Ru0405Ru03BC ft Su0402Ru0455ReS, Ru03BCR" Su040ASu0403S, Ru0406R � Su0403Ru0405Ru03BCSu0403R "Re Ru0405Ru03BC Ru0455Ru0491ReRu0405 Ru0491Ru03BCSu0403Su040FS, Ru0455Ru0454 Ru0491Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BCRu0406Su040ARu03BCRu0406.

P 'C u2021 Ru03BCS Ru03BCRu0405ReRu03BC Ru0406Su0403Ru03BCRu0456Ru0455 ft Su0402Ru0455ReS, Ru03BCR "Su040ASu0403S, Ru0406R � P � Ru0491Ru0458ReRu0405ReSu0403S, Su0402R � C u2020 ReSu040F Ru0456Ru0455Su0402Ru0455Ru0491R � u00D0 u00B6 Ru03BCSu0403S, Ru0454Ru0455 Ru0454Ru0455Ru0405S, Su0402Ru0455R" ReSu0402Ru0455Ru0406R � P "P � Su0403Su0402Ru0455Ru0454Re Ru0406S <Ru0457Ru0455R" Ru0405Ru03BCRu0405ReSu040F Su0402R � F u00B1 Ru0455S,. Ru045ER � Ru0454, PI P � Ru0406Ru0456Su0453Su0403S, Ru03BC Su040CS, Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 Ru0456Ru0455Ru0491R Ru045CReRu0454Ru0455R � "P � P Ru045CReRu0454Ru0455R number" P � F number C u2021 Su0453Ru0454, C, u00B1 Su0402Ru03BCR Su0453Su040F Ru0406S <Ru0457Ru0455R "Ru0405ReS, Su040A P � P � Ru0457R" R � � Ru0405ReSu0402Ru0455Ru0406R Ru0405Ru0405S <Ru03BC Ru0405R � Su0403Su0409Ru03BCR Ru0491Ru03BC Su0403 R'Ru0455Ru0454R � � P � P "Su040AR
u0405Ru0455R number Ru0405R � Su0453R." 79-R number P "PI. Ru0491ReRu0406ReR � ReRe Su0402R � F u00B1 Ru0455S, C <PI ft Su0402Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455Ru0458 Su0403Ru0455Ru0455S, Ru0406Ru03BCS, ft Ru0406ReRe Su0403 Ru0457Su0402Ru0455Ru03BCRu0454S, Ru0455Ru0458, Ru0457Ru0455Ru0491S Ru03BCSu0402Ru0454ReRu0406R u2021 � P ": In" Ru040ERu0491Ru03BCR "P � C, Su040A, Ru0458Ru0455R u00B6 Ru03BCS, P u00B1 C <, Su040A Ru0491R � u00D0 u00B6 Ru03BC Ru0457Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BCRu0491Ru03BCR "P � C, Su040A, Ru0405Ru0455 C, P � Ru0454, C u2021 C Ru0455R u00B1 C <Ru0457Ru0455Su0403R" Ru03BC Su0403Ru0491R � C u2021 D � R � Ru0491Ru03BCSu0403Su040A Ru0405Ru03BC Ru0406Ru0455R Ru0405ReRu0454R "the PS Ru0405Re Ru0455Ru0491Ru0405Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 Ru0457Su0402Ru0455Ru0406R � P "P � PEP" Re Ru0491Ru03BCS "Ru03BCRu0454S, P �. Ru045FRu0455Ru0454R � ReRu0491Su0453S, Ru0491Ru0455R u00B6 Ru0491Re, Ru0457Su0402ReRu0491S'S, Su0403Su040F ReSu0403Ru0454R � C, Su040A In "Ru0455Ru0454Ru0405R � B" Su0403Ru0491Ru0406ReRu0456R � C, Su040A Ru0406Ru0405Su0453S, Su0402Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405ReRu03BC Su0403Su0402Ru0455Ru0454Re. Ru045CRu0455 Su0402Ru03BCRu0457Ru03BCSu0402Ru0405S <Ru03BC C u2021 Ru0455S Ru0454Re Re Ru0454Ru0455Ru0405S, Su0402Ru0455R "Su040ARu0405S <Ru03BC Su0403Su0402Ru0455Ru0454Re Ru0491Ru0455R" u00D0 u00B6 Ru0405S <Ru0455Su0403S, P � C, Su040ASu0403Su040F PI Su0403ReR "Ru03BCV." 

Ru045CRu03BCRu0458R � P "the PS Ru0456Ru0455Su0402Ru0455R u00B6 R � Ru0455S the PS, Ru0454Su0402Ru0455Ru0406Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405Ru0455 Ru0405Ru03BC Ru0406Ru03BCSu0402ReR" Re PI Ru0406Ru0455R � Ru0458Ru0455R u00B6 Ru0405Ru0455Su0403S, Su040A Ru0457Ru0455Su040FRu0406R "Ru03BCRu0405ReSu040F Su0402R � F � � Ru0406Su040FR Ru0454Re Re Ru0456Ru0455Ru0406Ru0455Su0402ReR" D, C u2021 C, the PS ft Su0402Ru0455ReS, Su040A Ru0405Ru03BC Ru0405R Ru0405Su0453S u2021 � C, and P � � Ru0454Ru0455Ru0456Ru0491R Ru0405R � C u2021 P � P "D u00E2 u20AC" Su0453R Ru03BCR u00B1 u00B6 Ru0491R � P "D, C u2021 C, the PS Ru0405Ru03BC Ru0491Ru0455Su0403S, Su0402Ru0455Su040FS, and P � � Ru0454Ru0455Ru0456Ru0491R Ru0491Ru0455Su0403S, Su0402Ru0455ReR "D u00E2 u20AC" ft P � P "Re ft Ru0406Ru03BCSu0402R u00B6 Ru0491R � C, Su040A, C u2021 C, the PS Su0402Ru03BCS u20AC Ru03BCRu0405ReSu040B In" Ru0457Su0402Ru0455R Ru0454Ru0455Ru0406Ru0455R number Ru0457Su0402Ru0455R u00B1 u00B1 R "Ru03BCRu0458S <B" Ru0455Ru0405R � Ru0405Ru03BC Ru0457Ru0455Ru0458Ru0455Ru0456R "R �. Ru045ERu03BCRu0458 Ru0405Ru03BC Ru0458Ru03BCRu0405Ru03BCRu03BC, Ru0457Su0453S u20AC Ru0454ReRu0405Su0403Ru0454R � Su040F Su0402R � F � � Ru0406Su040FR Ru0454R � Su0403Ru03BCRu0456Ru0455Ru0491Ru0405Su040F u00E2 u20AC "C" P � Ru0454S, Su0403Ru0406Ru03BCSu0402S ReRu0406S u20AC u20AC PEP number Su0403Su040F, D u00B1 R � Ru03BCR Su0453Su0403R "Ru0455Ru0406Ru0405Ru0455, Su040CS, the PS Ru0455Ru0491ReRu0405 pep � Su0403R Ru0458S � <C … Ru0454Su0402Su0453Ru0457Ru0405S <C … ReRu0405S "Su0402R � ft Su0402Su0453Ru0454S, Su0453Su0402Ru0405S <C … Ru0456Ru0455Su0402Ru0455Ru0491Su0403Ru0454ReS … Ru0457Su0402Ru0455Ru03BCRu0454S, Ru0455Ru0406, Su0402Ru03BCR � P" pep � Ru0455Ru0406R � Ru0405Ru0405S <C … PI Ru0457Ru0455Su0403R "Ru03BCRu0491Ru0405ReRu03BC Ru0491Ru03BCSu0403Su040FS, PEP" Ru03BCS, ReSu040F .   

Talk: Ru03BCS u2030 u00B1 R � Ru0405Ru0405S <Ru03BC Ru0458Su040CSu0402Ru0455Ru0458 Ru045ERu0455Ru0458Su0403Ru0454R Ru045CReRu0454Ru0455R � "P � Ru03BCRu0458 Ru045CReRu0454Ru0455R" P � F number C u2021 Su0453Ru0454Ru0455Ru0458 Su0403Su0402Ru0455Ru0454Re Su0453Ru0491R � P "Ru0455Su0403Su040A Ru0406S <Ru0491Ru03BCSu0402R u00B6 R � C, Su040A, D In the" Ru0454R "Ru03BCRu0406Ru03BCSu0402Ru0405S <P number P "ReSu0403S, in" pep � u00D0 u00B6 Ru03BCR "Ru03BCR � P �, P � ft" P � P "Su040AS, P � F u00B1 D Ru03BCS, Ru0455Ru0405R � � F � F � F u00B1 Su0402R Ru0455S, P � F "Ru0455Su0403Ru03BCRu0405Su040ASu040B 2012. R'Ru0457Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BCRu0491Re Ru0491Ru0455Su0403S, Su0402Ru0455R number Ru0454R � Ru0457Ru03BCS u20AC Ru03BCS … Ru0455Ru0491Ru0405S <C … Ru0457Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BCS … Ru0455Ru0491Ru0455Ru0406, in the "P" P � C, � F Ru0405ReRu03BC Ru0491S <Su0402V "Ru0405R Ru0406Ru03BCRu0491Ru03BCRu0405ReRu03BC Ru0455Ru0454Ru0455Ru0405S u2021 � F � C, Ru03BCR" Su040ARu0405Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 P "Ru0455Su0403Ru0454R � Re Ru0491Ru0455R" Ru0456ReR number Ru0457Su0402Ru0455S u2020 Ru03BCSu0403Su0403 In "Su0403Ru0491R � C u2021 u00B1 Fe Ru0455R Su0409Ru03BCRu0454S, P � PI Su040CRu0454Su0403Ru0457R" Su0453R � C, P � C u2020 ReSu040BV. "

Ru045ERu0455, C u2021 C, the PS PI Su040FRu0405Ru0406R � Su0402Ru03BC Ru0458Ru0405Ru03BC Ru0454R � F � P � P "Ru0455Su0403Su040A Ru0405Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BCR � P" Su040ARu0405S <Cosmosblack u00E2 u20AC "Su0453R u00B6 u00B6 Ru03BC Ru0458Ru0455R Ru0405Ru0455 Ru0457Ru0455S u2030 Su0453Ru0457R � C, � Su040A Ru0405Ru0455Ru0456R Ru0458Re. Ru045ARu0455Su0403S, Ru0455Ru0406Ru0455R number Ru0457Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BCS … Ru0455Ru0491 C u2021 � Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BCR Su0453R "res u2020 Su0453 Ru045FSu0453S u20AC Ru0454ReRu0405R � Ru0456Ru0455S, Ru0455Ru0406 Re Su0453R u00B6 Ru03BC P � P � Ru0454R � C, the PS P � P � ft" P � P "Su040AS, Ru0455Ru0458. Ru045ER Ru0454ReRu0458 Ru0455R � u00B1 � F � Su0402R Ru0455Ru0458, Ru0456R "P � Ru0406Ru0405Su0453Su040B Ru0491Ru0455Su0402Ru0455R u00B6 Ru0405Su0453Su040B ft Su0402Ru0455R number Ru0454Su0453 Ru0456Ru0455Su0402Ru0455Ru0491R � u00B6 Ru0458Ru0455R Ru0405Ru0455 ft u2021 res, P � C, Su040A PI Ru0455Su0403Ru0405Ru0455Ru0406Ru0405Ru0455Ru0458 P � P � Ru0406Ru03BCSu0402S u20AC S'Ru0405Ru0405Ru0455R number PI Su0453Ru0491R � Su0402Ru0405S <Ru03BC Ru0491R "Su040F Ru045ERu0455Ru0458Su0403Ru0454R � Su0403Su0402Ru0455Ru0454Re. Ru045CR Ru0457Ru0455Ru0458Ru0405Su040B �, P � Ru0454S, ReRu0406Ru0405R Su040F � C "P � P � F � ft Su0402Ru0455ReS, Ru03BCR" Su040ASu0403S, Ru0406R � Ru0405R � C u2021 P � P "P � Su0403Su040A PI Ru0454Ru0455Ru0405S u2020 Ru03BC Ru0458R Su040F Ru0457Su0402Ru0455S u20AC � F "Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 Ru0456Ru0455Ru0491R �. 16 Ru0458Ru03BCSu0403Su040FS u2020 Ru03BCRu0406, C, Ru0455Ru0406R � Su0402ReS u2030 Re. "(The Bytes, 11.09.2012)

Ru0452 Ru0457Ru0455Ru0454R Ru03BCS u2030 � C u2020 Ru03BC Ru0405Ru03BCRu0458Ru0405Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 Res "Su0402-S" P � Ru0454S, Ru0455Ru0406 pep � ft Su0402Ru0455ReS, Ru03BCR "Su040ASu0403S, Ru0406R � Ru0457Su0453S u20AC Ru0454ReRu0405Su0403Ru0454Ru0455R number Su0402R � F � � Ru0406Su040FR Ru0454Re:

— Ru0455R u00B1 � C
u2030 R Su040F Ru0491R "ReRu0405R � C, � Su0402R Ru0405Su0403Ru0457Ru0455Su0402S, Ru0405Ru0455R number Su0402R � F � � Ru0406Su040FR Ru0454Re u00E2 u20AC" 4.7 Ru0454Ru0458, Su0403 Ru0457Su0402ReR P � "� Ru03BCRu0456R Su040BS u2030 ReRu0458Re Ru0491Ru0455Su0402Ru0455Ru0456R � Ru0458Re u00E2 u20AC" 9 Ru0454Ru0458 ;
— PI Ru0457Ru03BCSu0402ReRu0455Ru0491 ft Su0402Ru0455ReS, Ru03BCR "Su040ASu0403S, Ru0406R Su0402R � � P � � Ru0406Su040FR Ru0454Re P � P � P � ft" P � P "Su040AS, ReSu0402Ru0455Ru0406R Ru0405Ru0455 178 � C, C <u2021 Su0403Su040FS Ru0454Ru0406R � Ru0491Su0402R � C, Ru0405S <… With Ru0458Ru03BCS, Su0402Ru0455Ru0406 Ru0491Ru0455Su0402Ru0455Ru0456Re u00E2 u20AC "Su040CS, the PS 25 Ru0457Ru0455R" Ru03BCR number ft Ru0491ReRu0455Ru0405R P � � In "Ru045ESu0402Su0453Ru0491V."
— Ru0454R � u00D0 u00B6 � Ru0491R Su040F pep � u2021 Ru03BCS C, C <Su0402Ru03BCS … Ru0458Ru03BCS, P � P "P" res u2021 Ru03BCSu0403Ru0454ReS … P u00B1 P � P "Ru0455Ru0454 PI Ru0455Su0403Ru0405Ru0455Ru0406R Ru0405ReRe Su040CSu0403S �, P � � Ru0454R Ru0491S <Ru0406Ru03BCSu0403ReS, 240 C, Ru0455Ru0405Ru0405;
— Ru0456R "Su0453R ReRu0405R � u00B1 Ru0457Su040FS, Ryo Ru0455Ru0457Ru0455Su0402 Su040CSu0403S, P � � Ru0454R Ru0491S <u00E2 u20AC" Ru0455Ru0454Ru0455R "the PS 30 Ru0458Ru03BCS, Su0402Ru0455Ru0406;
— Ru0405R � Ru0406S <Ru0457R "P � C, Su0453 Ru0454Ru0455Ru0458Ru0457Ru03BCRu0405Su0403R � C u2020 PEP number Su0403Ru0455R u00B1 ft Ru0406Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405ReRu0454R Cosmosblack 12 � u00D0 u00B6 PEP" C <… Ru0491Ru0455Ru0458Ru0455Ru0406, 2 Ru0456R Su0402R � � u00D0 u00B6 Ru03BCR number D 7 R � Ru03BCRu0458Ru03BCR " Su040ARu0405S <C … ft u2021 P � ft Ru0454Ru0455Ru0406 Ru0457Ru0455S, Su0402R � C u2021 Ru03BCRu0405Ru0455 100 Ru0458R "the PS Su0402Su0453R u00B1 R" Ru03BCR u2116;
— From u20AC ReSu0402ReRu0405R � u00B6 Ru0491Ru0455Su0402Ru0455R Ru0405Ru0455R number C u2021 P � ft Re Su0402Ru03BCRu0454Ru0455Ru0405Su0403S, Su0402Su0453ReSu0402Ru0455Ru0406R � Ru0405Ru0405Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 Ru0457Su0453S, Ru03BCRu0457Su0402Ru0455Ru0406Ru0455Ru0491R � u00E2 u20AC "23 Ru0458Ru03BCS, Su0402R � (6 Ru0457Ru0455R" Ru0455Su0403), from u20AC ReSu0402ReRu0405R � Ru0457Ru03BCS u20AC Ru03BCS … Ru0455Ru0491Ru0405Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 C Su0402Ru0455S , Su0453R Su0402R � � u00E2 u20AC "3.5 Ru0458Ru03BCS, Su0402R Su0403 Ru0454R � � u00D0 u00B6 Ru0491Ru0455R number ft Ru0455Su0402Ru0455Ru0405S <


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