Construction of the first start of the Omsk metro area

Fully deployed to work at the facilities of the first start of the first line of the Omsk area underground.
Among them — the construction of an underground pedestrian crossing, combined with 4 outputs from the station "Biblioteca. AS Pushkin ", preparing for the start of tunnel boring complex Lovat, removal and utility systems on the stretch of" Crystal "-" Nina ".

Crosswalk at the intersection of Red Road — Frunze, combined with the outputs of the Metro to be operational in 2011.

In June, with the plant site "Crystal" in the direction of "Zarechnoj" starts Tunnel complex is the latest modification of Lovat RME238SE. Currently, the stretch has been actively working on the removal of utility systems.

Omsk Metro will be the first Russian automatic underground with the most modern rolling stock, not requiring the presence of the driver.

The construction of the first section of the first subway line was reopened in March of this year. As part of the preparation for the 300th anniversary of the construction of a number of facilities in 2011, the Russian government allocated one billion rubles.

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