Construction of the line Ob-Bovanenko

Not so long ago, namely in 2012 was commissioned Bovanenkovskoye gas field. This project is very ambitious and very important, but few remember that gas production from the field has been made possible thanks to the construction SAMO northern railway in the world, located entirely above the Arctic Circle. The labor movement for a new line was opened January 12, 2010. This news of course is very old, but still extremely important, the construction of this line has allowed not only to master a new field, but also to develop new technologies in the construction of the permafrost.

First deliveries to the Yamal carried by sea during the summer navigation via Harasavej. However, creating such large-scale infrastructure in Yamal gas production and pipeline construction is not possible without a corresponding development of rail, which is why it was decided to build a new line of more the 80 years of the last century, and in '86 was the start of construction, finish it planned to top 90s. However, due to the difficult economic situation in the country, the construction of the line was actually stopped, only in 2005 was the construction of the line and it is financed by Gazprom resumed.

The railway from the station to the station Ob Kara is 572 km (to the station. Bovanenko 525 km). The railroad has 5 stations and 12 patrols and 70 bridges with a total length of over 12 km.

Permafrost and the highest level of wetlands, as well as the need for respect for the ecology of the Yamal, led to the use of unique technologies in the construction of the railway.

In order to preserve the ecosystem and the bearing capacity of permafrost, the construction of the main objects is carried out only at low temperatures.

The railway embankment was constructed from the wet silty sand that is exposed to cold temperatures acquires the necessary strength. To ensure the stability of the structure subgrade in the summer months and developed a unique system used by layers of thermal insulation (on top of the frozen sand stacked polystyrene foam, built cage of geotextiles).

It should be noted that this is only the fundamental transverse profile of the mound, in reality, more gentle slopes, because of a weak base.

Separately want to highlight the construction of a bridge over the floodplain Yuribey. Its length is 3.9 km, is one of the longest bridges in Russia and the longest bridge in the world of the Arctic Circle. The bridge crosses not only a permanent channel of the river, but is on the whole width of the peak period of the spill. The total mass of the bridge — more than 30 000 tonnes. Its construction was completed in April 2009, construction of the bridge was carried out with the use of modern technology on high stilts and without the traditional dumping ground, which helped preserve the ecosystem of the river, without causing harm to the spawning grounds of the northern species of fish. To ensure the stability of the supports in the permafrost wells were drilled depth of 20-40 meters.

22 December 2009 on the input direction of Art. Bovanenko was raised golden butt, they also began operation of the line and the construction of infrastructure for the development of the field, "Bovanenko," and there was news dalneshemhttp://xn--80aake4anahvit.xn--p1ai/blogs/24083/And in conclusion, I want to add that all the materials for the building were supplied by our vendors.

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