Construction of the main media center in the Olympic Park

One of the key objects of the Sochi Olympics — The main media center in the Olympic Park. The buildings that are part of it, is almost ready and July 16, 2013 they were examined members of the IOC Coordination Commission, and representatives of leading international broadcasters.




During the Games, the object expects to receive 15 thousand members of the media, among them — about 12 thousand of Broadcasters, representing nearly 80 companies from around the world. The main media center will operate in full one month before the start of the Olympic Winter Games January 7, 2014 and will close after the Paralympic Winter Games on March 17. On January 24, 2014, and throughout the Games Center will work around the clock. And after the Games will be the shopping and entertainment center.

Facade work is not yet completed. On the west facade of the fine white sand columns will be available soon sunglasses slats and undulating canopy pedestrian gallery received adequate covering.

As theDeputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak:

"To ensure the most comfortable conditions for media in Sochi created the most advanced media infrastructure. In addition to our direct obligations provided opportunities for accredited press, we are currently working on the creation of infrastructure for non-accredited journalists in the central part of Sochi. "

In walking distance from the main media center complete construction of the hotel«Tulip Inn Omega»600 seats. During the Olympics, there will accommodate media representatives.

Near the hotel is landscaping. 

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