Construction of the metro Business Center — Victory Park

The station "Victory Park" Moscow Metro on a normal working day, while not crowded, but by the end of this year, she will begin a new life. C commissioning by the end of 2013, section "Business Center" — "Victory Park" it will become an interchange hub connecting Arbat-pokrovskuju line with the business center Moscow-City.
Later section "Business Center" — "Victory Park" will be part of the emerging Kalinin-Solntsevskaya lines underground. Kalinin-Solntsevskaya line is a continuation of the current Kalinin subway line. In 2015, the station "Tretyakov," the line stretched to the stations "Business Center." In the future, the station "Victory Park" line will be extended to Ramenky, Solncevo and Novo-Peredelkino.



Kutuzov Avenue at the intersection of Barclay Street and constructed a second station lobby. A place for the escalator is ready, start building the cash room:

We go down to the station, which, incidentally, is the deepest in the Moscow metro (depth 84 meters). Let's see what happens behind the construction fence:

The tunnel at the station is ready, it remains to carry out communication, put sleepers and rails:

Moving on foot through the tunnel. Ahead of builders constructing a receiving chamber for the shield tunnel boring machine, which moves from the "Business Center":

Work carried out conventional mining method with the use of explosives. First bore hole, and then they were placed explosives. On the construction of tunnels already transported the freed breed. Naturally, all blasting operations are carried out only at night:

Build underground tunnels (or how to say metrostroevtsy make tunneling) using the "TBM". This is an automated, robotic even, heavy-duty construction that literally drills a path in the thick rock, leaving a ready-made tunnel. The powerful rotor shield develops a breed ground "on the basis of grinder" is applied to trucks and then taken out to the outside. In parallel, stacked tunnel lining:

Moscow tunnels are built in a rather difficult geological conditions, but excavating tunnels are not afraid of unstable soils.
And by the way, as we were told, was in Moscow with the boards for the first time began to build a sloping tunnels for escalators. This happened during the construction of the escalator tunnel at the station "Marina Grove". Drilled breed specially made firm Lovat Tunnel shield diameter of 11 meters.
Tunneling shield for Metro:

So boards are usually given female names, about how hurricanes. Metrostroiteley According to legend, the first female name gave Canadian manufacturer shield shields Richard Lovat Lovat — in honor of the patron saint of Santa Barbara underground works. This tradition has taken root in Moscow. For example, now the tunnel from "Khodynsky field" to "Business Center" builds shield Lovat named "Julia."

Moving on the subway with a transfer through the "Kiev" in the area of the Business Center. Here, near the Third Ring Road in the area w / the station "Testovskaya" built assembly chamber for the tunnel shield firm Robbins, who will build one of the tunnels to the "Victory Park". The second tunnel is half ready, it performs another tunneling shield Robbins. Currently, he is somewhere in the Moscow River:

Metrostroiteli had to solve a number of complex technological problems. Due to limited space shield dragged into the ground had to literally "Eye of the Needle", the mine has a size of 80 by 30 meters. Through this shaft down loaded everything you need for a shield, and issued "on the mountain" waste rock:

Concrete blocks that and "collect" the subway tunnel:

Directly under the buildings of Moscow City, several construction metro station "Business Center."
In fact, the stations under the name "Business Center" will be two. One Kalinin-Solntsevskaya lines, the second — is nearby, an interchange — Third interchange circuit. A third interchange circuit will be another ring of the Moscow metro. And the first phase of this ambitious project is already under construction: it goes from the "Lower Maslivka" (Savelovsky station) to the "Business Center".
And just in the Moscow metro 2020 builders promise to launch at least 70 new stations and 150 km of transmission lines. In addition to the said Kalinin-Solntsevskaya lines and the second ring — Third circuit will be a new Kozhukhovskaya line. It will go from the station "Aviamotor" to the area Nekrasovka:

So, the station "Business Center." Civil work is almost completed, the finish begins. On the station platform laid tile on the floor:

The plant will be fully equipped for people with limited mobility.
Place in the elevator is ready, will soon begin installation:

On the station platform will be the escalators to get to the building of the Business Center Moscow City, the mall Afimall, to a parking space:

It starts fine finish shopping galleries and technical facili

The station "Business Center" will be something similar to the "Komsomolskaya":

As conceived by the architects at the end of the station building will look like this:

As representatives of the contractor assured us, of "SMU ENGEOCOM", all works are on schedule until the end of 2013 site "Victory Park" — "Business Center" will receive its first passengers.

Many thanks to the following for a tour and detailed explanations of the representatives of the company "ENGEOCOM" and the press-service of the Complex Urban Policy in Moscow — for organizing the event.

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