Construction of the new radar Voronezh-M started near Orenburg

The new radar station "Voronezh-M", the Russian system of missile warning (EWS) lies in the Orenburg region, told a representative of the Russian Defense Ministry troops by air and space defense, Colonel Alexei Zolotukhin. 

"Today, August 13, 2013, the ceremony of laying a commemorative capsule into the foundation stone of a new radar station" Voronezh-M "system of missile warning, the construction of which started in Orsk, Orenburg region," — he said.

At present, the territory of the Russian Federation deployed four new-generation radar. Combat duty are high operational radar "Voronezh-DM" in the Krasnodar Territory and radar "Voronezh-M" in the Leningrad region. Radar "Voronezh-DM" in the Kaliningrad and Irkutsk regions operate in the mode of development of combat duty.

Construction of a new generation of radar stations that are created on the technology of high operational readiness, deployed on the territory of the Russian Federation to improve the capacity of the system of missile warning. The technology provides high operational design, fabrication and testing of structurally and functionally complete radar components (makromoduley) directly to enterprises. Assembling the station from the unified makromoduley container type and check in the full amount produced at the location.

As for the deployment of the radar requires only minimally prepared pitch. Deployment time the station — 1-1.5 years, while its predecessors for the period was 5.9 years, Zolotukhin said.

"In the Orenburg region in 2013, work on the creation of a new generation of radar stations deployed in the Krasnoyarsk and Altai Krai. Through the development of missile early warning radar planned construction of new, and in some other regions of Russia," — said Zolotukhin, adding that the place the location of each station carefully studied to prevent electromagnetic pollution that can harm the health of the population in the surrounding areas.

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