Construction of the north-eastern bypass Belgorod completed

October 8 opened the final section north-eastern bypass Belgorod $ 2.2 bn and a length of about 20 kilometers.

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Reasonable road-Novosadovy length 19.87 kilometers, which became part of the bypass road of Belgorod, started construction in September 2011. The total cost of 2.208 billion rubles.

Four-lane highway with a dividing strip all over equipped with bike lanes, barrier fencing and lighting. Road capacity — 16,700 vehicles per day. For it is built of reinforced concrete bridge over the river Reasonable, overpass, transportation, rebuild 23 adjacent road.

"We chose the most promising task — ring the city of Belgorod. In the city is now possible to call from anywhere in the bypass road. Second problem, which we provide for deciding — activation of individual housing construction along the route. East, South-East, North-East of the city are now actively built up "- said the head of the region Savchenko at the opening ceremony. The new road will provide transportation to the new neighborhoods of individual buildings, RIA Novosti reported.
08.10.2012 13:56 

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