Construction of the North-West of the chord in the Falcon (photo)

Reporting by Dmitry Chistoprudova


Yesterday I was able to visit the same "eternal construction site", which is near the intersection of Leningrad and Volokolamsk Highway. Construction work has been underway for many years — first reconstructed (or rather re-built) Leningrad 660 meter-long tunnel, then — Volokolamsk tunnel (1730 meters), and are now ending sinking Halabyan-Baltic tunnel — the deepest in the roundabout at the Falcon. The tunnel will pass under Zamoskvoretskaya metro line Volokolamsk and Leningrad tunnels, sewers and rivers Tarakanovka ways Riga direction MOR.

1. Start the camera on Baltic Street. The uniqueness Halabyan-Baltic tunnel is that in the work area extends operating subway line. The average depth of the tunnel 25 meters, maximum — 30.

2. Initially, the variant of the work at night, when the metro is not working. Then there was a proposal to limit the speed of trains on the construction site. As a result, engineers had developed a clever way of penetration, which had no effect on the movement of trains underground.

3. Entrance to the tunnel from the street Alabjana.

4. It looks normal dungeon without knowing anything about the place. In the center of the frame can be seen on top of the spacer structure (horizontal pipe). Above them, the "black ceiling" — a floor Leningrad tunnel. Right at the top of the tunnel is visible fragment of Volokolamsk, and in the distance, where the lights are lit (left in picture) is sinking under the tracks underground.

5. The diagram of the cross-section of the Leningrad Prospect, I noted the point and angle of the previous frame (thanks to Sasha

macos photo).

6. Not only that excavation is conducted under the existing road and subway tunnels, big cause of quicksand. As for evil in this place underground river Tarakanovka — the dirtiest river of Moscow. To work in such conditions considered several options for maintaining soil: freezing, or silikatirovanie gruntozameschenie.

7. Option to freeze did not fit, since the transition to zero temperature would have large displacements of the underground structures. Silikatirovanie much to poison the soil. Therefore, it was selected gruntozamescheniya.

8. With special installations horizontal drilled holes are filled with a cement mix. Instead of creating an artificial quicksand poluskalnyh grouting piles of soil. And in fortified ground is sinking tunnel.

9. The cement mixture was applied into wells at a pressure of 150-400 atmospheres.

10. Rig operator with the aid of a simple remote control is jewelry work by replacing the soil. During the shift offset subway tunnel should not be greater than 0.7 millimeters.



13. The cost of building the tunnel is 63 billion rubles. From this third of the amount spent on the work of relaying of existing communications.


15. The movie "The Matrix")

16. Once the soil will be strengthened in the course of going heavy machinery.




20. It is assumed that the tunnel will be fully open in early 2013. After opening the Halabyan-Baltic tunnel will be part of a new highway — Northwest chords.

21. It is expected that the opening of the tunnel to ease traffic on the Leningrad and Volokolamsk Highway 20-25%.

22. To date has already passed through several tunnels.



25. Construction work carried out by NGOs "Space". In late 2011, work on the construction site 7500, 40 drilling rigs, about 30 excavators and more than 200 pieces of equipment. Construction work on the tunnel are conducted around the clock.




29. Now I know why the tunnel is left gaps in the ceiling — it provides natural ventilation and additional lighting.

30. In the center of the sinking of control specialists every 15 minutes to take readings from sensors in the subway tunnels in the area of building (30 meters in each direction). Total allowable backlash underground structures — 2 cm

31. The output of the 9th gallery. Right above me sweep train)

At the moment, construction Halabyan-Baltic tunnel is nearing completion. However, to run it is necessary to reconstruct transport routes in the streets of the People's Militia and the Great Academic. It is this area and causes a lot of controversy.

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