Construction of the reservoir Elista in Kalmykia

Construction of critical "Elista reservoir on the beam Gashun-Sala for water resources of the city of Elista, Republic of Kalmykia" made in the framework of the federal target program "Development of water management system of the Russian Federation in 2012-2020."

Construction of the reservoir would solve a number of problems of water supply and contribute to the development of recreation and tourism.


The work is carried out at the facilities in accordance with the approved schedule of works. To date, constructed:

flume length of 2.2 km, penstock with facilities — 7.4 km,

Works on the reconstruction of power lines of 110 kV and a length of 16.67 km out of VL-10 kV from the flood zone length of 18.82 km,

performed excavation work on the device quality of the main dam embankment 376.7 thousand m3, 88.6 thousand m3 of cut-off dams, 143.4 m3 of concrete were laid waste facilities, laid 600 m dam drainage.

Construction of Elista reservoir would also partly solve the problem of employment in the region. According to the Kalmyk traffic management during the construction period at the sites have been employed more than 60 people have been used for more than 30 units of high technology, including KAMAZ, rollers, excavators, bulldozers, graders, and other pnevmokatki.

For the record:

Elista reservoir to be built by 2015 year.

The cost of the project — 1.2 billion rubles.

Net capacity — 35 million cubic meters.

Reservoir located on an area 600 acres in the beam Gashun Sala 14 kilometers along the highway from Elista Elista to Astrakhan.

Water will be supplied from Chernozemelskiy-watering irrigation system, where it comes from Chograysky reservoir.

"Kalmykia is one of the driest regions of Russia. The annual demand for water is 600 to 800 million cubic meters, and its own water sources can provide only 50 million. The major share of water resources provide the Volga, Kuma, Kuban and Terek River that is adjacent territories ", — said the head of the department of water resources for the West Caspian Kalmykia of the Federal Water Resources Agency Anatoly Ulastaev.

According to Anatoly Shakueva, in relief, hydrological and geological conditions, it is the most suitable place for the creation of an artificial pond. Within the spillway area of no settlements, and other large objects. Reservoir will fit into the local landscape and will be located close enough to the city. On its shores is planned to place modern recreation. Water thereof can also be used for irrigation.

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