Construction of the stadium Spartak (Moscow)

The stadium is almost completed concrete work. We are working on arrangement of internal communications and premises. Scheduled to begin in the spring installation of metal structures. Let me remind you also that next to the stadium to reactivate a metro station, which will be put into operation together with the stadium in the first half of 2014.

We now turn to the detailed description of changes in the construction of the stadium that took place last week.

East Stand. Filled the top of the round towers. Two-thirds dismantled scaffolding.

South-East joint. Flooded with top rail, raised round support. The main pillar of the South is flooded, be prepared to fill the main support from the East. If you look closely, you can see what started the installation of temporary supports for the roof on the West Stand.


South Stand. Two-thirds dismantled scaffolding, continues to collect the stands.
View from the South. Filled two of the three round towers on the south-western South Stand styke.Na filled the western tip of the main support.

In the South, crawler crane playing Tetris with temporary supports for the roof, shifting from one place to another, towards the South Stand. Apparently, for easy transport to the stadium bowl.

North Stand.

They brought another rig.

North-West joint. Unmarked shoring upper binding partially flooded last support.

North and West stands.

West Stand. On the sixth floor is finished masonry exterior walls, started on the fourth. At the foot of the podium is working on underground pipelines.

Construction of the arena. Increase the amount of: already has four rigs (last week worked two), drove up the fifth.

Photo by Vitaly Sablin

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