Construction of the subway under Moscow City (MIBC)


Photos 28/1/13:

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Then the story goes on the lower level (the level of the platform and paths).
Under this scheme are now working only between the axes P-K. From the axis and to the right — as long as everything remains in the "virgin" state.

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Between the axes of the P-P located a trailer down substations. Closer to the "Exhibition" was originally built CCI, which feeds Filyovskaya line, including the "Exhibition" and "Mezhdunarozhnuyu." At this time, there (is closer to the "International") build a substation, which will fuel the Kalinin line.
Between the axes of L-K are now building block of technical / office space. At this time, while erecting walls and floors. (View this space before construction). Well, between the axes of P-L platform has been built in designs and partially BTP / BSP.

The. Left 1 way (behind a brick wall — the current substation PL). Right — 2 way:

Path towards the center. The wall on the right — left axis:

The path of the center. The end of the passenger platform in the direction of the PP. The wall on the right — the axis P, the wallsubstation (to be). Left — BTP / BSP. Well, right — one way to "Victory Park":

By the way, the end wall of the paths not yet touched. To get to the tunnels until you can not.

Sorry for the horrible quality, alas. This is a reserve for the slope of the escalator to the tier above. Such there 4 — 2 at the ends of the platform and the middle two platforms:

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