Construction of the Western Bypass Omsk

Construction of the Fedorivka-Alexandrovka length of 18.5 km in the western bypass of the city of Omsk has entered an active phase. Conducted extensive work on dumping subgrade future road.

A new road in the Western Bypass will connect Omsk federal highway M-51 "Baikal" (site of Omsk-Chelyabinsk), 1P 402 Tyumen — Yalutorovsk — Ishim — Omsk and liberate the city from the transit flow. Projected capacity will be from 6,000 to 12,000 vehicles per day.

Under the contract, experts NGOs "Mostovik" will accomplish the construction of 18.5 km of trails Fedorivka — Alexandrovka, including the construction of an overpass near the railway station Petrushenka, multi-level traffic interchange at the intersection with the federal highway M51 "Baikal" and the reconstruction of the bridge over the river Kamyshlovku .

Time of construction — June 2014.  

"Because of the great length of the object, and an impressive amount of work road construction in two phases, — the head of the project for the construction of the Western Bypass of Omsk Sergei Kuznetsov. — In the first stage, during this year, builders have to remove topsoil over the entire route, to develop groundwater career, perform dumping subgrade. Only on the device under a highway embankment will require more than 1 million cubic meters of soil. Subgrade is formed in layers. The layer thickness should not exceed 30 cm, in order to provide the desired compression rate. At present, the amount laid in the soil subgrade is more than 300,000 cubic meters. Laboratory monitoring of compliance with all regulations — a daily, operational customer leaves the building site, soil samples are taken to determine the moisture content, uniformity and compaction factor. "

The general designer, general contractor of construction: NGO "Mostovik".
Customer: KU Omsk region "road management of the Omsk region."

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