Construction of two livestock farms began in Voronezh region

On the territory of Osikovskogo rural settlement near the village Kuznetsovka begins construction of a dairy complex, which will be one of the largest in the area and the largest in KANTEMIROVSKAJa area. The project develops the agricultural enterprise LLC "InterAgro." There will contain 3,400 Simmental dairy cows. Workforce of the new complex will be about 60 people. It is planned that the first phase of the complex for 2,200 head dairy herd will be commissioned next year.

The total amount of money invested in the project will be about two billion rubles. Now, the future of the livestock are complex earthworks and supply of communications. Previously, there was held the power line.

In the vicinity of the village Valentinovka Fisenkovskogo rural settlement project implementation begins breeding beef cattle breed that is, LLC "RAV-agro". The number of animals at the new feedlot will be 2200 heads. Construction work in Valentinovka also started and are in the initial stage.

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