Cost to bring repressed Martyrology names that poisoned others?

Concise story about the fate of the historian and journalist Leonid Bobrowicz sounded on waves "Freedom" on November 3.
Sovereign Bobrowicz worked as a senior research fellow at the Research Commission of Western Belarus, studied the history of Dzerzhinsk and Koydanavshchyny. Was arrested in 1933 in the "center of the Belarusian State" and was shot in May 1934 at the age of 30. Rehabilitated in 1956.
"Print on innuendo arrested and deported people already"
Associate Professor of the Belarusian Institute of municipal department of history and whiteRussian language Sergei Zaprudskaya says that he felt a clear discomfort in hearing "Martyralegu Freedom" named Leon Bobrowicz.
"In the midst those people, are engaged in linguistics, is not only the heroes of the 1920s, but there are anti-heroes — people who often wrote articles about bad linguists 1920s.
If we talk about Leon Bobrowicz, he did his publications co-authored, he was then a graduate student. Right to say that he came to science at the best time, when needed engage in such nasty work as discrediting linguists 1920s. Printed on innuendo arrested and deported people already.
If the question about the "Martyrology", especially if the biography printed in a limited extent, it must first get people who do not have these spots on the biography. Although it is clear that also Bobrowicz victim "- says Sergey Zaprudskaya linguist.
"I must also include people like Luzhanin as Bobrowicz as they officially repressed"
In preparing the story of Leon Bobrowicz we enjoyed working researcher Anatoly Makarov "Repressed writers, scientists, educators, public and cultural figures of 1794-1991."
Sovereign Makarov states that, that during Stalin’s rule, many writers and scholars were required to write denunciations of their own colleagues. And among them were known Belarusian writers.
"Maxim Gorki and my uncle Valery Mariners were able to withstand torture, and shot them dead half. A Bronislaw Taraszkiewicz and others were unable to withstand the torture and signed by all which can be was signed. Misha Reed? Aroused uttered — wrote. Would not have written, would have been shot in 1935.
And this, wrote biased articles. All the same not helped. NKVD Luzhanin I hit the victim, as was formally arrested two months. But turn it on, as I can not turn on, although he later was assigned to Kolasa, and was the closest friend of the band.
I should include and such people, as Luzhanin as Bobrowicz as they officially repressed "- expresses his position Leonid Mariners.
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