Creator of letters in support of Klimov threaten Tribunal

The first letter from the Chief of Mozyr colony, where Andrei Klimov, received Homel activist Vladimir Katsora and was very surprised: information that Andrei Klimau took away food, printed, but no one was denied. Vladimir Katsora believes that police do not have enough legal knowledge.
"To be held accountable for insinuation by the court at first it is necessary that the administrative case was filed. In this case, a penalty of 10 to 30 baselines. And only later can be a trial. Did not know about it lawyers colony, which was prepared answer yes head of the colony. But he must have a law degree. "
Katsora Vladimir says that he was not intimidated to meet a threat to the prison administration in court. Activist Andrei Klimov personally knows and is willing to continue to fight for the fact that a prisoner’s rights are not violated.
In UCP press service, where she prepared a proclamation in support of Andrei Klimov, said similar warning letters received some party members. Among them, the control of the Minsk regional organization Lev Margolin. Activist not trust administration Mozyr colony, according to which Andrei Klimov has no claims to those who took away his food. Lev Margolin is ready to change their world, but only on the basis of data-independent observers. Let the prison administration to prevent them, says activist.
"How do I know many who have tried to get permission to visit Andrei Klimov, in including foreign diplomats, but no such permission was not given. "
Do you really Klimov no longer claim to his captors? Relatives of political prisoner of his letters know little: "He nothing about writing, but writing is very rather short. I would note that he Tipo circumvent these moments," — says the wife of opposition Tatiana.
So is there any danger about the local court, as they say, initiative, or it — brand new policy of repression against those who express solidarity with political prisoners? Alignment of the prison Yuri Zborowski could not figure out.
"No, now you can chat with him," — said an employee of the special department of the prison administration, whereby chief was away. Specifically about Andrei Klimov simply said that "everything is fine with him."
Human rights activist Hulak Encourages use only proven information and options with regard to the letter in defense Klimova, he does not see grounds for criminal liability for the probable errors. Human rights activist does not exclude that a warning will be picked up by a policeman Mozyr:
"Naturally, there is no reason to suspect that this appeal in writing under dictation officials of the presidential administration. On systematic approach read early, but it is not a good character."
• Andrei Klimov bullpen recovered from a cold, but is ill heart, 16.11.2007

• The last letter from the son Alla Klimova received two weeks back, 12.11.2007

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