Crime in Sweden

Swedish police guarding the Nazi march

In 2010, Sweden reported 1,370,399 crimes. (Population 9.5 million).

For the past 30 years, the crime rate in Sweden increased by 46%.

In 2010, 333 murders were registered, an increase of 44% compared with 2009 (231), for 30 years, the change to 122% (150).

Rape and other sexual offenses — more than 10% (17 589), for 30 years an increase of 451% (3190).

The number of rapes of children under 15 years of age declined by 7% (1826), for 30 years an increase of 3704% (48).

Purchase of sexual services of minors — an increase of 55% (233) in 30 years increased by 732% (28).

Burglary — less than 3% (92,471). Over the past thirty years, the number of burglaries decreased by 32% (136 374).

Production and trafficking of narcotic drugs — an increase of 9% (102 655), for 30 years an increase of 47% (69 902).

Fraud — an increase of 5% (126 219), an increase in 30 years — 33 per cent (95,132).

Drunken driving — more than 1%. Over the last decade, the number of cases of driving under the influence of alcohol has increased by 65%.

Regional differences

Most of all crimes committed in the county Stockholm, the lowest value recorded in the county of Västerbotten.

In 2010, for every 100,000 of the population in the county Stockholm had 19,438 crimes.

In the county of Västerbotten — 10036.

In Sweden, only one thing, to investigate, in the province of Skåne, has been included as a disclosure of almost 11,000 crimes, the newspaper "Dagens Nyheter". The charge gang that sold drugs and doping on the Internet. As found out the edition, each sale is recorded by the prosecution as the eight crimes — the number of members of the group.

If we do not take into account the case, then the statistics of solved crimes across the country will not positive, as now, but negative. For this year, according to today's data Council for Crime Prevention Bra, police and prosecutors were able to open nearly 4,000 more crimes than in 2010.

However, if we look at what is behind the numbers, it can be concluded that the detection rate, however, dropped the newspaper said.

In recent years the government has significantly increased funding for law enforcement. Since 2006, it has increased to 4 billion kronor. In the autumn draft budget for policing laid down an additional $ 1.5 billion kroons.

Detection of crimes in Sweden

Kills — 25%
Sex crimes — 19%
Rape — 19%
Rape of children under the age of 15 years — 36%
Rape of children aged 15-17 years — 14%
The attacks — 18%
Attacks on children 0-6 years — 9%
Attacks on children aged 7-14 years — 14%
Housing burglary — 4%
Scams — 16%
Vandalism — 4%

For thirty years, the number of rapes in Sweden has increased by 589%

In 1981, there were 3190 Swedish sex crimes in 2010 — 17,589, an increase of — 451%.

Rape: 865 in 1981, 5,960 in 2010, an increase of — 589%.

Rape of children (under 15 years): 48 in 1981, 1826 in 2010, the growth — 3704%.

In Sweden, the increase in the number of crimes motivated by Islamophobia

In Sweden, the decline in the number of so-called hate crimes, crimes motivated by racial, religious, ethnic intolerance, intolerance towards sexual minorities.

Last year there were 5,140 such crimes committed on 660 less than the year before. At the same time, increased the number of crimes motivated by Islamophobia.

National Crime Prevention Council has published crime statistics for 2010.

"At 11% reduction in the number of allegations of hate crimes, particularly homophobic and anti-Semitic. At the same time, the number of Islamophobic crime is increasing, "- said in an interview with Swedish Radio employee of the Board of crime prevention Klingspor Clara / Klara Klingspor. Increased them by 40% compared with 2009, but did not exceed the level of the year 2008 on: about 270 hate crimes.

Swedes surprising wave of burglaries

Only in the region of the city of Kalmar / Kalmar number of police reports filed by 30% over the past seven months of 2012 than in the same period in the previous three years.

In Kalmar lene / province usual — according to statistics submitted to the police statements — going from 430 to 480 burglaries in 7 months. This year is the 600 thefts reported. Also, as a rule, a wave of burglaries increased in the autumn, there is a risk that the statistics will give even higher figures for the whole year 2012.

What explains this increase of burglaries — no one can explain.

In Sweden, the detection rate of burglaries — three percent

Budgetary infusions in the police did not lead to an improvement in crime detection. Of the one hundred burglaries is not disclosed even three.

The newspaper "Dagens Nyheter" gives evidence that the Swedish police in recent years held the most significant strengthening of the staff in their history, and subsidies in the budget increased by 25% between 2006 and 2011.

Despite these measures, the number of disclosed crimes continues to be on the same low level.
In the past, in 2011 the Swedish legal system is opened up to 16% of all the crimes of which applications to the police. It's not even 1% less than in 2010, the year, writes "Dagens Nyheter".

In Sweden, were more likely to rob collectors

In Sweden, criminals prey on CIT transport. This year in Stockholm was committed 29 robberies of vehicles carrying money and valuables. But for the last year of such crimes was just 30.

If robbery Collector car continues at the same pace, the number of such crimes in Stockholm and Gothenburg will be the highest in recent years.

In addition, the changed nature of the robberies. Now the criminals are trying to take away with them from the machine only cases with money. The police assumes that such robberies are a kind of "entry ticket" for the young and young offenders.

Cases with the money that is being transported in Sweden's largest cash collection firm, arranged in such a way that when you try to open them without the proper code, money poured paint and become useless.

Criminal Sweden

One Month


In the center of Gothenburg arrested two men with a gun and a grenade.

In the Stockholm suburb arrested 44-year-old man for the murder of his wife.

For animal abuse were prosecuted mother and son in the basement of their home found 191 cat. 173 had to put to sleep.

In Småland man arrested for the murder of his mother.

In Malmö, the police arrested 26-year-old robber, who took away the people's jewelry.

During 4 days of testing in Stockholm Only 7% of SMS tickets for public transport were present.

For setting fire to a cafe Hamncafeet in Ystad / Ystad arrested 62-year-old man.

In Dalarna, arrested 54-year-old man. The accused woman doused with gasoline and set it on fire.


Another skirmish in Eskilstuna / Eskilstuna. One wounded to the hospital.

In Panama, the Swede was arrested on suspicion of laundering $ 100 million international crime syndicate.

In Södertälje 16 members of the Swedish Mafia were sentenced to prison.

In Skåne from the truck stolen 960 bottles of ketchup.

In Vänersborg / Vanersborg drunk naked man climbed into someone's house and went to bed in which she slept. The frightened woman hid in the balcony.

Fined by the defense establishment in Sweden.

In Ystad / Ystad trial of two men accused of possessing 90 pounds of marijuana.

The exchange of fire between gangs of bikers in the commune Hedemora.

Armed robbery in Kalmar / Kalmar.


In Stockholm hospital died on 3-month-old baby who was seriously injured after his mother with him in her arms jumped off the bridge in the center of the city. Mother survived.

In Uppvidinge arrested 45-year-old man for the rape of a minor child.

In Skåne 59-year-old man charged with the repeated sexual abuse of his daughter.

In Stockholm, there were some fights between fans of Swedish football club AIK and Polish club Lech.

In Stockholm, a man armed with a knife made two attacks.

Mass brawl in Malmö.


17-year-old Swede was arrested in Thailand for the murder of 18-year-old Thai man.

In the center of Stockholm was anti-Muslim rally Counter Jihad.

Gothenburg police continue to confiscate illegal firearms.

In Stockholm, was March exhibitionists.


An employee of the Swedish Embassy in The Hague, is suspected of stealing.

In Gävle / Gavle four members of biker gang robbed and beat a 25-year-old man. When police arrived on the scene, they were also attacked by bandits.

In Örebro / Orebro newlyweds on their wedding night caught a thief who was trying to break into their apartment.

25-year-old woman arrested for setting fire to a cafe.

The armed confrontation between the two gangs in the immigrant neighborhood Rusengord / Rosengard in Malmo.

48-year-old woman and a 31-year-old man arrested for taking part in anti-fascist rally, held in Stockholm on August 4.

The number of arsons schools.


In Sollentuna / Sollentuna 17-year-old girl shot in the head. Arrested 18-year-old killer.

Two men cheated 137 elderly. Criminals pretending to be their grandchildren seniors lured their money and jewelry.

In Nossebro / Nossebro fake policeman tried to steal a car from a woman.

In Gothenburg held an unauthorized rally against the deportation of refugees.

In Norrtälje / Norrtalje man aged 40 was arrested for the rape of a child.


On the Danish-Swedish border smuggler arrested with 431 kg. drugs.

Armed bank robbery in the province of Värmland.


In Stockholm, during the recording reportage reporter and cameraman robbed Swedish TV / SVT. The journalists selected the video camera, tripod and other equipment.

An armed robbery of a jewelry store in Hassleholm.

53-year-old woman killed in her home in Sundsvall / Sundsvall.

In Malmo drug mule arrested with 1.9 kg of heroin.

An expensive restaurant dinner Swedish politicians at the expense of taxpayers.


Man raped his girlfriend and forced her to have sex with ten other people.

Several copper sculptures stolen from a cemetery in Gavle / Gavle.
Recently, this cemetery rob the fourth time.

In Sandviken / Sandviken local mothers gathered 400 signatures on a petition demanding to evict a man who loves to masturbate naked on her balcony.

In Stockholm, confiscate illegal weapons, more

In Hassleholm / Hassleholm at moonshiner seized 180 liters of fortified wine, 200 liters of strong beer and 500 liters of cider. Bootleggers sell alcohol, including minors.

In Uppsala, a 26-year-old man held responsible for violations of the law on child pornography aggravated. Affected about 60 girls all over Sweden.

In Småland / Smaland scammer got about a million euros from the insurance companies. Fraud was uncovered thanks to an anonymous post.

In Uppsala on a man walking a dog attacked five people and beat him.

Belarus invites Swedes to testify that on July 4 entered the airspace of the Republic of Belarus and dropped a lot of garbage on the streets of Minsk.


In Västerbotten convicted 19 traffickers.

In Lulea / Lulea appeared superhero. Two days in a row, Superman appeared on the streets of the city, being in severe intoxication.

Shooting in Stockholm.

In Halmstad / Halmstad killed 5-month-old baby.

Man got killed on a pedestrian crossing.


In Lund, 72-year-old man arrested for beating his 102-year-old mother.

In Stockholm, stabbed 40-year-old man.

Motorcyclist at high speed ran over an elderly pedestrian in Helsingborg.
Pedestrian and the driver died.


In Gothenburg, the mall Nordstan offender seriously wounded a man with a knife.

In Helsingborg, 38-year-old man died after drinking methanol.

Gunfight in Malmo.


In Kristinehamn / Kristinehamn 78-year-old man killed his 76-year-old wife.

In Örebro / Orebro stole three tons of copper.

In Varberg / Varberg drunk driver knocked down a 67-year-old woman. The victim died in hospital.

In Hoganas cyclist was killed in a collision with a car.

In Karlstad / Karlstad for the fourth time robbed Park Museum.

In France on the Swedish Prince Carl Philip was attacked.


Several dozen people broke into the Syrian embassy in Stockholm. Six arrested.

44-year-old man arrested in 9 cases of vandalism, including the flooding of two houses.
The offender took revenge for the exclusion of the religious community.

In Stockholm the 23-year-old woman arrested for attempted murder.

At the hospital, the city Vernamo / Varnamo woman died because of wrong done by injection.

In Södertälje / Sodertalje arrested two young men were robbed at least seven elderly.

Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research squandered millions of tax funds.


The explosion near the cinema in Stockholm. No one is hurt.

Shootout Rusengord immigrant neighborhood in Malmo. One wounded man was taken to hospital.

In Malmö, the criminals were held last month a woman in prison.

In Sefle / Saffle court acquitted three defendants accused of killing 51-year-old man.

The victim was found dead in the apartment where he and the three defendants were drinking alcohol the night before. All four of them were drunk. The defendants gave different and contradictory statements about what happened.

The Court finds that at least one of them is guilty, but did not know who was doing what. Therefore acquitted of all three.

Arrested ten members of the biker gang Hells Angels, suspected of involvement in serious crimes in Kalmar / Kalmar.

In Malmö, for armed robbery arrested three men.

Senior Head of the Swedish police is accused of assaulting his 14-year-old daughter.


Halmstad arrested a drunk driver in a golf cart.

Mushroom from Poland found human remains in a suburb of Stockholm. Police still unknown cause of death.

In Malmö, a woman suspected of serious fraud. Crook in ten years has received eight million crowns in the form of disability benefits. The offenses involved women members of the family.

In Gothenburg, shot in the head killed 27-year-old man.

A large number of Swedes received SMS messages from the requirement to pay fines for alleged false illegally downloading pornography.

19-year-old man arrested for beating and burning a man in a suburb of Stockholm.
Arrested with two accomplices beat a passenger bus. They then dragged the victim into the woods, where poured flammable liquid and set on fire.
The man survived, but was severely traumatized.

In Gothenburg, the police withdrew from the route all the proven coaches.


In Norrköping / Norrkoping arrested two members of the armed fights between gangs.

In Malmö, in a crosswalk man robbed wheelchair users.

One wounded in Eskilstuna. Two men shot at a cafe and visitor fled on a motorcycle.

In Boras / Boras 47-year-old man was sentenced to imprisonment for a term of one year and three months for what bitten by police.

About forty defrauded berry pickers from Bulgaria can not go home.

In Gothenburg, ten people, including two former leaders of the municipal public transport companies Goteborgs sparvagar convicted of a multimillion-dollar scam.
Convicts sentenced to imprisonment from ten months to 5.5 years. Longest term was one of the directors of the company.

In Malmö, the 32-year-old preschool employee is suspected of sexually assaulting children.

The leader of the Swedish mafia killer sentenced to 18 years in prison.


About 200 people took part in a fight in a car park in Malmö.

In Norrköping, an armed man barricaded himself in the apartment. The police tried to negotiate with him, but he shot himself. With a man seriously injured taken to hospital.

In Gothenburg, unknown people tried to shoot the man. No one is hurt.

In Gothenburg, Chalmers University found near the dead man. Police began a preliminary investigation.

In Malmö, 400 people held a march Jewish.

He was arrested the offender, who shot 17 in Augusta Sodertalje 40-year-old man.

In Gothenburg killed a man. The victim in critical condition to the hospital.

Another man was stabbed in the leg and robbed in the center of Gothenburg. The offender stole 100 euros, passport, travel, and bank cards.

In Malmö, 23-year-old man unleashed dog fighting breeds a female police. Pit bull bit her buttocks, but did not cause serious injury.

In Stockholm, the pastor was sentenced to two years in prison for raping a woman, whom he had met at church.


On the "Reggae Festival", held in Gävle / Gavle, arrested for drug use 73 people.

Three people were arrested on suspicion of attempted murder in Malmö.

In the suburbs of Stockholm police arrested two gunmen barricaded in a motorhome.

In Sollentuna / Sollentuna for genital mutilation of his 3-year-old daughter arrested the father and mother.


In Halland robbed a jewelry store.

In Helsingborg robbed a tobacco shop.

In Gothenburg, 47-year-old businessman, had a few businesses, but did not keep accounting records. The offender has translated 36 million crowns to their private accounts.


In Blekinge is the trial of the 31-year-old smuggler who tried to import to Sweden five kilograms of amphetamine.

28 million euros stolen in the repair of the tunnel Soderledstunneln in Stockholm. The IRS has found fake invoices for 27.7 million euros. Total repair the tunnel was spent significantly more than originally planned — 1.5 billion kroons.

In Vernamo / Varnamo judge businessman on suspicion of financial fraud. Businessman in four years, stole 3.4 million euros.

In Forserume / Forserum continuing racist attacks on refugees from Somalia.
For the year of Forseruma left half of Somali immigrants.

In Gothenburg man arrested with a large number of counterfeit euro.

Norway announced an international search Swede, who in March 2012 had beaten to death a female security guard in the Norwegian pub. The court issued a murderer on bail, but on July 16 the offender fled.

In Linkoping 39-year-old man was sentenced to imprisonment for twelve years. The offender struck the 59-year-old man in the head several times with an ax and a frying pan. Then threw him into the well. A man drowned.

In Södertälje four girls 17-18 years old robbed a 42-year-old man.
Girls beat him, knocked to the ground, seized the wallet and cell phone.

In Thailand, the 40-year-old Swede killed a tourist from New Zealand.


Three arrested for robbing a jewelry store in Stockholm.

In Gothenburg detained a 23-year-old man robbed a famous poker player. The robber threatened with a gun robbed Player 224,000 crowns.

In Malmö, the mentally ill man tried to steal a police gun.


Arson hairdresser in Gothenburg.

From the high school in a suburb of Stockholm stolen about a hundred laptops.

In Halmstad robbery attempt outbound doctor.

Policeman charged with false imprisonment.

In Halland / Halland nurse stole drugs deceased patient and the influence of drugs went cruising.

In Bengtsvorse / Bengtsfors 46-year-old woman accused of having committed eight false alarms rescue SOS alarm for three months.

In Lulea because of a bomb threat interrupted the trial of the murderer.

In Stenungsund / Stenungsund 18-year-old man was sentenced to a year and two months in prison for the rape of two 9-year-old girls.

Malmo police warns fraudsters sent entrepreneurs fake invoices for 30-40 million euros.

Before the match, the AIC-50 CSKA Swedish fans cardiopulmonary bypass attacked by 15 Russian citizens in the center of Stockholm.


In Helsingborg found tied to a pole businessman who was beaten and blackmailed by three strangers.

In the Stockholm suburb of kindergarten missing children — 3-year-old girl and a 2-year-old boy.
An hour later, the children were found at a bus stop.

In Stockholm, a plastic surgeon posted to Youtube video recordings of breast augmentation without asking permission of the patients.

In Helsingborg robbed a truck with tobacco.

In Forserume / Forserum about 300 people held anti-racism march in support of the Somali immigrants.


Twenty people took part in a brawl in the Stockholm immigrant neighborhood Rinkeby / Rinkeby.

The owner of pornographic sites suspected of concealing income of 1.4 million euros.

300-400 young people held an unauthorized march across Malmo. Several people were throwing bottles at the police building.


In Malmö, firefighters and police officers who came to put out cars set on fire, threw stones.

About 70 police officers from Stockholm came to the island of Gotland, in order to prevent protests by environmentalists requiring Gotland to stop cutting down the forest. Gotland police were unable to cope with environmental and called for reinforcements from the capital.


In Sandviken / Sandviken 41-year-old woman killed 49-year-old man.
Woman hit a man with a knife several times in the face, neck, arms and torso.

In Uppland employee educational institutions was sentenced to five years in prison for rape of mentally retarded students.

In Falkenberg / Falkenberg judge a woman who urinated on lying in bed man. Victim requires 12,500 euros in compensation.

A patient in a forensic psychiatric hospital in Växjö / Vaxjo raped patient.
The hospital staff did not want to respond to the request of the victim.

In Germany, for the transportation of explosives arrested Swede.

In Linkoping escaped from a circus elephant. The animal has created a traffic jam on a road in the city.

In Norrköping more than seven years violated the law on public procurement.
For millions of state orders picked performers consulting firm Niras.

In Helsingborg stole eight tons of lead.

Sweden Democrats in Landskrona / Landskrona offered to introduce a curfew for minors. Recently, the city increased the number of arson and attacks on firefighters and police officers.


In the suburbs of Helsingborg robbed palace Sofiero slott. Criminals have stolen 250-pound safe. It is unknown how much money was in the safe.

Sabotage on the fish farm in Umgransele. Unknown perpetrators damaged pens for fish farming. Farm equipment has lost a ton of fish and 131 for 5 million euros.

In Stockholm the park was raped by a 16-year-old girl.

In Helsingborg for issuing false invoices arrested the owner of the firm.
The company sent out fake accounts to small business owners. Police received about 450 applications from entrepreneurs and crooks more than 23 million euros.

On the island of Gotland, a Finnish mining company Nordkalk, without waiting for the Court of Appeal, started preparatory work for the mining of limestone.


In Gothenburg, the 40-year-old man accused of committing sexual offenses against children.

In Stockholm, robbed the collector who uploaded the money in the ATM.

Arrested three activists of the anti-war movement Ofog. The movement infiltrated the military airport in the suburb of Lulea / Lulea.

Escaped in 2004 from a Swedish prison drug dealer arrested in Spain.
The offender was sentenced in 2003 to six years in prison for smuggling 49 kilos of marijuana from Denmark to Sweden.

In Hedemora two arrested after a shootout.

In Boras / Boras police accused of abuse of power. The police officer did not like the behavior kurivshey with friends on a pedestrian street women.
Police patrol detained the woman and dropped her off on the outskirts of the city, at night, with no money and phone.

In Malmö, the man was shot in the leg.


In Tranemo / Tranemo 23-year-old man arrested for the rape and sexual exploitation of minors. The crimes were committed in the course of 5-6 years.

In Nyköping / Nykoping found murdered 2-month-old baby and his mother wounded.

Detained truck smuggling — 26,000 diapers. Cheap diapers were bought in Norway and transported for sale in Eastern Europe.

In Hälsingland / Halsingland closed lab for the production of doping.

In Malmö, arrested a man who got into someone else's apartment and took hostage five year old boy. After a five-hour meeting a man surrendered.

Airplane pilots blinded by a green laser.

In Falkenberg / Falkenberg for sexual crimes against children arrested 50-year-old man. Also on his computer found thousands of pornographic images of children.


In Småland Danish hunter instead of a wild boar shot 800-pound bull.
The Dane was suspected of violating the law "On the hunt".

In Helsingborg shelled house windows. Two men arrested for attempted murder.

At the airport Malmo seized a large quantity of synthetic drugs — 60 kg in powder and 80,000 tablets.

1500-3000 Swedes paid fake penalties for downloading pornography.

In the 9.5-million per month in Sweden recorded 118,000


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