Customs Union or the EU?

Wishing today to join the Customs Union of Ukrainians nearly as much as those who want to eventually be in the EU. This is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted by the Kiev International Institute of Sociology (KIIS).

41% of Ukrainians believe that it is better now to join the Customs Union and the Common Economic Space, 39% — it is better to conclude an Association Agreement with the European Union (the difference is not statistically significant). 19% of respondents could not answer this question ", — the report indicates KIIS.

The proportion of those who would vote for the entry of Ukraine into a union state with Russia and Belarus and for Ukraine's accession to the European Union, are also equal: 38.4% vs. 37.9%. About one in ten respondents (11%) would not take part in such a referendum, 12% have not decided its position on the issue.

45% of respondents considered the best that Ukraine is not an EU member and had open borders with Russia, 34% — that should join the EU, even if it would lead to the introduction of visas with Russia. 19% of respondents could not answer this question.

44% of Ukrainians believe that Ukraine's accession to the Customs Union and Common Economic Space will give the products of Ukrainian agriculture and industry is more likely to sell than our country's accession to the EU. 32% hold the opposite view. 23% have not formed an opinion on the matter.

The survey was conducted from February 23 to March 11. ~ / 1/0/all/2013/03/21/298915

I propose to conduct such a survey on our website

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