Dad in a skirt. Sometimes fathers should serve as a role model!

My five year old son is willing to dress. In the Berlin district of Kreuzberg, this is enough to start a conversation with other parents. Does this make sense or is this tomfoolery? "Neither one nor the other!" — I still want them to cry. But, unfortunately, they did not hear me. Because now I live in a small southern German town. In which there will not be 100,000 people, a very traditional and very religious. This "muttiland" ("Mamenek country" where "model" parent custody, compliance, excessive concern for the safety of children, reflected in the fact that children fed and neatly dressed, often replacing the true mother's love  prim.per.). Here my son's addiction became a topic of conversation not only parents, they — the subject of gossip for the entire city. And I have made a contribution to this.

Yes, I am one of those fathers that are trying to raise their children on an equal basis. I'm not one of the "fathers-academics" who in the classroom in the audience Jabberwocky on gender equality, but as soon as they have an own child, he immediately returned to the comfortable role-cliche: the husband realizes himself professionally, the wife takes care of everything else.

Thus (and in this I have no doubt), I was part of a minority, by chance, exposing themselves to ridicule. But I do it on the inner conviction.

In my case, it is also about the fact that I did not try to dissuade his son to wear dresses and skirts. Since because of this he is in Berlin could not find friends, on second thought, I remained only possibility to give her son confidence, I have to put myself skirt. In the end, an adult is much easier to insist on his own, than a child of preschool age. Because he is not in this world a role model, then such a model now I will.

And here we have another day to wear in Berlin kroytsburgskoy in cool weather, but when it is not so cold, skirts and dresses. I found that the long skirts with rubber vzderzhke me very fit, as long dresses too heavy. Berliners, rather, did not pay attention to us, and took it easy. Freaks they see the crowds. But in our small town in Southern Germany things are very different.

Here I am, because of the stress of moving, I forgot to warn the kindergarten teacher that they need to make sure that my child does not become an object of ridicule because of their preferences in clothing. And soon he was gone, even the thought of going to kindergarten in a skirt or dress. And he asked me in surprise: "Dad, so you're going to wear a skirt again? '.

I am still grateful to the woman, which is a pedestrian zone so staring at us that hit the lamppost. My son almost died laughing. And the next day again pulled out of the closet dress. At first only for the weekend. But then again, going to kindergarten.

And my boyfriend does in the meantime? Paints his nails. He thinks it looks nice on my fingers. He just grins when the other boys (and it almost always) try to make fun of him, and said: "You do not dare to wear skirts and dresses because it did not dare to your fathers." He is now sufficient confidence. And all thanks to his father's skirt.

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