Damascus was the antidote to the «Tomahawk»

Damascus was the antidote to the
«NPO» Precision complexes «» continues to develop one step further

Recently the ninth international exhibition of arms, military equipment and ammunition «Russian Expo Arms. Nizhny Tagil — 2013 »(RussianExpoArms-2013) CEO of the holding of» NGO «Precision complexes» Alexander Denisov and Managing Director of «Instrument Design Bureau» Dmitry Kanaplyou met with reporters. Most members of the media are interested fate antiaircraft missile and gun complex «Armour-C1.»

Sudden news

By «shell» in the attitude of the masses special. Almost two decades, this fighting machine intensive PR. For the first time shown in 1995, it is very long to bring to perfection. In the terrible 90s it lacked the means trivial. In 2000, when the project of their own means joined the United Arab Emirates, has revealed the difficulties of technical nature.

Long wait for results began to cause skepticism. And most importantly, the press rumors penetrated low precision automatic gun. Well, about the accuracy of missiles anything decent to say they could not. By the same terms of the contract came to an end, and the UAE, who were to receive the first 50 «shell», threatened to forfeit hundreds of millions of dollars.

Suddenly began deliveries to Emirates. Contract for the purchase of «shell» signed and Syria. And the press preserved memories that went to export crude, unreported characteristics ZRPK standard technical specifications. Not a lot of a lot of countries have expressed a desire to buy this standard. Well, the Russian Ministry of Defense has shown enthusiasm, suddenly acquired 10 items for the Air Force and Air Defense Forces in 2010. A number of indirect data indicated that the creation of a «shell» is an increasing pace.

The reason lay in the failure of fire detection system and targeting, in the base which is the radar. This important site long eluded designers. Similar radar, combined with a control system, besides quite compact and economical energy consumption, created for the first time.

Engaged in the development of radar «NPO» Lianozovo Electromechanical Plant «(NGO» LEP «) — parent company Russian research and production center» cliff-Radar «. Yes, and the most experienced designers happen woes.

With this in mind, the development of air target detection station transferred to the Central Design Bureau Apparatus (TsKBA) in Tula. TsKBA midst performed works, for example, radar control system for all-weather multi-LAW «Chrysanthemum-C.» Bureau comes in holding NGOs «Precision complexes» that facilitated the relationship between customer and supplier.

This event is passed by the media. Mass production of both export and «home», «armor» came at an increasing rate, but no one knew their real features. And just at the moment the general director of «NGO» Precision complexes «Alexander Denisov told reporters that» Armour-S1 «on the results of practical shooting showed the highest efficiency, and the last year he hit only exercises target analogues cruise missiles» Tomahawk «- the most difficult goal to find and kill that is hard and more than harsh systems S-300. «Complex of the Ministry of Defense is needed, and its properties meet these requirements,» — Alexander Denisov allocated.

«Armour» against the «Tomahawk»

Let’s make out the message more closely. It’s no secret that the basis of the modern doctrine of U.S. combat actions on the principles of massive preemptive strike precision instrument. First comes the question of cruise missiles «Tomahawk», launched from surface ships, submarines, strategic bombers B-52 and ground launchers. Range — up to 2500 km. The missile flies at low altitude with maximum terrain following. Because it is very difficult to detect.

Winged «Tomahawks» intensively used by U.S. forces to attack Yugoslavia, Iraq and Afghanistan. Specifically, such a blow planned strike on Syria. By the way, Alexander Denisov, answering questions about the «armor» in Syria, said that «in terms of combat training of the crews are better in comparison with previous years.» And that shop «shell» civilians involved Russian spices. However, the director of the holding is not answered as ZRPK already delivered to Syria and do you have plans for more supplies. These data are prohibited to disclose the criteria of the contract.

Airspeed «Tomahawk» — up to 880 km / h, in other words subsonic. This speed is typically not greater than 800 km / hour, and even much lower. Because the object is not to knock itself and difficult. It is difficult to find, since the missile created using stealth technology «Stealth», and hit the catch. Because such a massive anti-aircraft systems, such as C-300 and C-400, constantly aimed at reflection of aerospace attack, do not have time to react to the ultra-low target. And probably will be victims of a preemptive strike by cruise missiles.

That’s why the first 10 cars «Armour-S» urgently purchased in 2010, focused in defense compounds. Their task — guaranteed secure positions in the strategic directions of the AAMS. In fact, «Armour-S» and more than a modern «Armour-C1» — this is the last limit of Defense for the C-400 «Triumph» of cruise missiles «Tomahawk». It’s no secret that in the case of the hypothetical nature of the attack first impact will specifically on air defense systems, as it was in Yugoslavia and Iraq. After that, the cause of the bombers and attack aircraft are accepted. With Russia this number will not pass.

Virtually «Armour-C1» — it ends component layered air and missile defense system Russia. Strategic C-300 and C-400 tightly cover basic municipal and military facilities, and «Armour-C1» ensures survivability of strategic air and missile defense, reflecting the sudden disarming strike cruise missiles.

ZRPK «Armour-C1» has a combined multi-channel system to capture and tracking of targets with cannon artillery weapons, create a continuous zone interception target from 0 m high and 200 m distance to 15 km in altitude and 20 km range. Zero meters in height — this type of light armored vehicles armored vehicles that «Armour-C1» can shoot from 2-30mm automatic cannon. Artillery ammunition has 1400 shells. Cannon 2A42M unified with «Tunguska».

Cannon will create a wall of fire in the way of a cruise missile, if not intercepted by anti-aircraft guided missiles speed 57E6-E. On «Armour-C1» is set 12 transport-launch containers with these missiles. Recharging is complete substitution of the empty containers. Two-stage rocket length 3.2m; caliber different stages — 170/90 mm; maximum speed — 1300 m / sec, and at a distance of 18 km — 780 m / s. It is five to six times faster «Tomahawk». In other words, even in pursuit fired missile «shell» will certainly overtake the cruise missile.

The fire control system of the complex «Armour-C1» contains just three radar: radar detection based on FAR and two radar target tracking and missile launched from the complex. Targets with effective area of ​​scattering Q2. m are found at a distance of 32-36 km.

In addition, there is a complex electro-optical long-wave thermal (infrared) receiver. Both targeting facilities independent of each other, because in totality can capture this just 4 goals.

Particularly effective «Armour-C1» as part of the battery. Up to 6 cars can work together via a digital communication network in different modes. With all of this one «Armour-C1» works as a fighting machine, and once as a command post. Others are connected to him and receive targeting. In addition, the battery can receive information from the radar of early warning on its base machine formulate combat puzzle each machine unit. So Makar, 72 missile batteries from 6 ZRPK «Armour-C1» can reflect even guaranteed a massive raid of several 10’s of the Kyrgyz Republic «Tomahawk».

No limit to perfection

At a meeting with journalists on September 11 Alexander Denisov and Dmitry Kanaplyou told about prospects ZRPK «Armour-C1.» Cars highest modernization potential. At the moment there is a planned development of new variants of the car on the technical task of the Defence Ministry. First is the machine on crawlers for the Army and the Airborne Troops.

Initially, «Armour» planned to put to replace air defense missile-gun complex «Tunguska». Because it started to design just crawler. But the cessation of funding turned that commissioned UAE first option «Armour-C» was put on the wheel. Deserts Near East is the best form of transport. Arab countries combat module «shell» is placed on the loading platform MAN. But for their own army used «KamAZ». It is possible that more than a cheap «KamAZ» used for deliveries, for example, in Syria.

It is clear that accompany tanks that are not afraid of mud, «KamAZ» vsepolnotsenno can not. So tank chassis — a necessity, not a whim suhoputchikov. For Airborne is a separate project. Here crawlers should be lighter and more compact to load into a transport plane and parachute. The chassis can be unified with other tracked vehicles Airborne — for example, «Nona» and «Vienna». The machine will rocket, without guns with their weighty ammunition and ammunition supply difficulties on the terrain of the enemy.

According to the director of NGO «Precision complexes» new «armor» for Airborne can enter mass production as early as 2017. They get a new surveillance radar and missile development TsKBA extended range of target destruction. With all of this, virtually all tactical and technical harakteristikibudut significantly enhanced. All this is laid down in the TOR Defense Ministry.

In 2017, for service should arrive ZRPK «Armour» last generation, changed for all branches of the Armed Forces. CEO of the NGO «Precision complexes» Alexander Denisov said about this: «I think that after three years will be a completely new» Armour «with completely new features, significantly superior beings.»

He clarified the fate of the offshore option «Armour-M», which is very interested in the fleet. Managing Director of Instrument Design Bureau Dmitry Kanaplyou said: «At the present day are being modernized. Decided that, under the sea «Armour» will modernize a number of destroyers and other huge ships. Such work is going. I think the adoption of complex weapons happen recently, in the coming year or two. «

In fact, «Armour-C1» — a unified fighting module. It can be put on a self-propelled and towed platforms, ships and stationary. Modernize and integrate the newest platform for individual customer. Analogues «armor» in the world does not exist. And in the coming 10-15 years, he remains a reliable antidote to cruise «Hatchet».

In conjunction with mounted on armored vehicles multipurpose missile system «Kornet-EM» ZRPK «Armour-C1» form a continuous protective field around the advancing or defending Panzer Army, hitting airplanes, helicopters, missiles and drones, as any enemy armored vehicles.

In the future, you can see the remote means of overcoming the defense «armor» — a hypersonic missile, soaring at a speed of more than Mach 10. It is clear that such a missile intercept can only similar hypersonic system. And as said Alexander Denisov, work in this direction, we also conducted.

Combining the holding of «NGO» Precision complexes «a number of companies, bound by a single goal, gave a powerful synergistic effect. Involved in developing and manufacturing ZRPK «Armour-C1» of «PCU», JSC «TsKBA», JSC «Scheglowski shaft» and others, joined forces, made and launched mass production innovatorsky breakthrough product. This once again proves that the reform of the structure in the form of the creation of the CMO vertically mounted structures justified. Partially this is a return to the system of ministries and central boards of the USSR, which was very efficient, allowing you to create sophisticated standards weapons. This does not contradict market relations. In contrast, increases work efficiency, and reduces the cost of the final product brings a good profit, at least when it comes on exports.

Viktor Myasnikov

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