Dangers activist confiscation and ban out

Bailiff Denis Saponenko claimed from him explanations why he did not pay fines.
Dmitry explained that he had no money to pay fines because they do not work, and seeks to recover through the courts at the institute. He was awarded a penalty, he believes, on trumped-up grounds.
Written explanations on Russian language last student refused to give — the respective forms and laws on Belarusian language the court asked.
Bailiff took Zhaleznichenka to the presiding judge Tatyana Odribets. She was taken aback that the singer can not get to the apartment, where he lives with his parents last student.
Executive Chairman recommended to take the police and emergency service and violence opens the door to outline the property.
Was surprised and Zhaleznichenka when Mrs. Odribets told him to say: there is an "official view, that he was going to ask for political refuge in the United States or Germany. "But hope this is not necessary, because travel abroad activist rebuked.
3-student course in mathematical faculty Dmitry Zhaleznichenka expelled from the institute in September — after, how to come out of the tax office of the economic court ruling on the penalty for the concert of Belarusian company bards. Resolution at the time had not yet acquired legal force. Formal charges activist base of the university — institute Tipo he violated House rules.
Whereupon Zhaleznichenka arrested for 8 days for Tipo neprelichnuyu abuse and fined 20 basic units for disobeying police.
December 13 at the Regional Court will consider an appeal by a former student of the Central District Court decision on the legality of his dismissal from the institute.

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