Daria Fox: Lack of choice — a priori negative

Ulitenok: "What in the village Zalesye most unpopular?"
Lis: "Namely, we have a good library."
Ulitenok: "It’s all so perfectly?"
Lis: "There is a lack of money to write a good press, high-quality magazines and some modern books. Especially of children’s literature. Our library does not ‘Harry Potter’, but you can find many exciting with Belarusian literature . "
Ulitenok: "Well, what the newspaper writes a library?"
Lis: "librarians themselves do not prescribe this centralized process, and eventually almost all of what was previously impossible at the moment to read. Located only municipal periodicals. Not enough literary publications."
Ulitenok "How organized in Zalesye subscription to periodicals?"
Lis: "How do I know every postman must sign the nth number of copies of" Russian Belarus "," Republic "and so on. Of course, we have people who are "Russian" like. And there are those who prefer "Narodnaya Volya"They are discharged and on his own initiative outside the mail."
Ulitenok: "And you?"
Lis "The People’s Will"I read on the web. I love the magazine" verb ".
Ulitenok "What websites do you visit most of the time?"
Lis: "Many wander the Web. Like the site"Nasha Niva"I go to the" People’s Will "on the websites of" Freedom "and" Belarusian partisan ".
Ulitenok: "In what publication you write yourself?"
Lis: "Free News-plus" and "Our Niva. "
Ulitenok "How popular Zalesye web?"
Lis: "We recently put high speed web. And understand, this service is great success."
Ulitenok: "Your journalistic experience, it seems, began in Smorgon print?"
Lees: "I worked with" The latest newspaper Smorgon. "But she was strangled, which is very bad. Indeed specifically around such publications appear independent, free cultural core. Municipal district newspaper" Shining Path "can not fill all the gaps. A nominee be. In another very bad. Lack of choice — a priori negative. "
• Daria Fox: "Oginski be glad for the kids …", 12.10.2007 • Public Editor weeks — Daria Fox, 11.10.2007
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